ca023 - Anthony Wintering - Incandescent Charm

Artist: Anthony Wintering
Title: Incandescent Charm
Date: 2007-05-07
Keywords: noise, ambient
1 - Zealous Oxidization - 6:24
2 - Kagu Tsuchi - 49:12
3 - Lava Dredg - 4:28

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"...Incandescent Charm is a simple and blunt intrepretation of Kagu-Tsuchi, Japanese fire-god. I know many people would probably try and argue Ifrit, but Final Fantasy does not equal actual mythology. A simple prologue and epilogue are given, and from there, the noise wanes and waxes, rises and falls, gathers and melts. One could consider this brazenly relaxing. Others would consider this harshly hypnotising. Most will dismiss it as another annoying noise "artist" (loosely coined, mind you) using his own name at some validation attempt creating meaningless, babbling drone. That would probably be the best opinion. Mindless, meaningless, babbling, waxing, waning, hypnotising noise.

Anthony Wintering: Loose iconoclast, fundamental to absolutely nothing. Specializes in commodifying commodities, capturing random situations audibly, mocking any/all creation(s), and, of course, the macarena. But, he doesn't know what the macarena is. Trust me, we've tried. He runs the gauntlet between straight noise and straight ambience, but always trips and falls over a moment or situation. Was once great friends with Varg Vikernes, but their friendship fell apart when he realized that the man's first name is "Christian". Discordian pope, mind you, and will use a pineal gland inquiry to dismiss you. Misanthrope only at gatherings. Frankly, I'm surprised he even exists. His website can be found at , if you feel like dealing with his rhetoric."