ca032 - L.A.M.P. - Tragic That Drones Can't Cry

Artist: L.A.M.P.
Title: Tragic That Drones Can't Cry
Date: 2007-07-03
Keywords: drone, ambient
1 - Coast Of Arabia Dusk - 15:42 (320 kbps)
2 - Tragic Drones Can't Cry - 12:28 (320 kbps)
3 - Climbing Without The Summit - 15:34 (320 kbps)
4 - The Way It Always Ends - 15:16 (320 kbps)

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“I've been doing a lot of crying lately. Finding beauty in this world and weeping openly, or the tragic things in life. I've experienced a lot of hardships this past year and needed to just release myself. Doing these freeform Drone/Ambient peices gave me a release I hadn't expected. Most of my music is very sequenced and percise, I wanted to break away from that and just let sound manifest itself. I had no real control on how the music came out. I just let my hands and mind free to follow my soul, and this is what it sounds like.”

L.A.M.P is the solo project of Benjamin Thompson, and features ultra tight beats off set with unsual noises and black humor.
(Backwards NW)

"Backwards NW is the noisy ecletic sister label of Backwards Records as a label we strive to release , promote and book musicians and artists that produce music without boundaries , this includes a wide range of unusual music including such "genres" as : Trashtronica , Glitch, NOISE, puesdo classical, XXXOTICA, nu/old jazz , in/out jazz, DDDM, break-core, Neo poetix, GLIP GLOP, dionysion polish jam rock , ethereal industrial etc etc. "