ca038 - Anthony Wintering - Ghost Womb

Artist: Anthony Wintering
Title: Ghost Womb
Date: 2007-08-24
Keywords: experimental
1 - The Grave Underneath The Ritual Stone - 5:01
2 - Blackwater Blackout - 5:42
3 - Dreams Of Ink And Vectors Unpainted - 30:26
4 - Electric Icicle - 6:19
5 - Cold Chains Of Iron Ice - 11:38
6 - Sara's Nightmare (Neon Black Possession) - 20:44

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The Grave Underneath the Ritual Stone

Inklike void, retinas adjust to somber melancholy, humidity laced in nines duplicating charcoal, endless nihility. Black mist like swollen noise or poisoned veins. Ritual stones bloodied, buried, and forgotten, cherishing memories like ruins of broken mirrors. Upkeep lapsing, rusted nails shave snow from tortured, forsaken bones. Catacombs smothered in decayed wine, spawning dread like funnel clouds of osmosis. Unnatural whispers when breaths barely escape. Pikes of apprehension. Blades of instability. Becoming heroic to insatiable chains and thirsty hooks. Those apparitions like wind chimes that dance under stormy moons. An inhuman blue-grey. The catalyst to destroy description. Frigid from fright. Lungs of dust, hearts of ash. Ravaged flags as tourniquets for gangrenous limbs poisoned by unknown's chill. Draining the pus from gory boils. Gaping scars of nameless terror. Malignant eyes always upon me. Monuments of afflicting paradigm.

Sara's Nightmare (Neon Black Possession)

this is all so perverse
wicked and malformed
looks of scars
smells of stains
cement staircases are storyless when penniless
dulling the sharp sting of fresh spring air
five stories high comes the advent smell of rain

this is all so pointless
alluring as well as annoying
What it builds in context
it lacks in cohesion
inappropriate rapture
reverb of silence
sullen terror campaign
the waterdrops bend at an awkward axis
and explode on landing
a flash of red
thunderclap disembowelment
shadows return to shadows

this is all so cryptic.
lost in memories
lack of translation
fractures of truth
we only appreciate finality.
cumshot dreamscapes
taken into the sky by superheated energy
takes a storm to claim some souls
takes a death for people to pay attention