ca053 - Dizzonanz Domestic - Karma Burn

Artist: Dizzonanz Domestic
Title: Karma Burn
Date: 2007-09-29
Keywords: experimental, electronic, noise
1 - --[c-Averns - 9:30 (192 kbps)
2 - Radio junkie - 2:26 (64 kbps)
3 - I Have Seen the Sunrise: A Tribute - 4:39 (192 kbps)
4 - From M^o^untains to M-o-le Hills - 5:22 (192 kbps)
5 - elizabeth's Balloon - 2:58 (320 kbps)
6 - REDUXmirror-rorrimXUDER - 4:46 (224 kbps)
7 - Subway|<+>|niarT - 2:54 (320 kbps)
8 - Now Boarding - 5:52 (320kbps)

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Karma Burn is an album very much inspired by Drone acts such as Sunn O)))
and is also a series of experiments in the distortion of real instruments
such as the trombone heard in the first track. I have also put forth some
effort in minimalizing the layering of some tracks, such as Elizabeth's
Balloon, which is entirely made from a single sound recording of the squeeks
and groans that occur when you squeeze a balloon. It is the first album of
mine to feature vocals and the meanings of the few songs that have them
include commentary on the music industry (Radio Junkie), disgust at drug
abuse (From M^o^untains to M-o-le Hills), and tributes to the the artists
before me who helped inspire me to make the music I make (I Have Seen the
Sunnrise: A Tribute).


02 Radio Junkie

Millions in the millisecond

Electro signal (thorazine)
All doped up on (dopamine)
The o so glorious mind-slave

Science in a water-main

Logic washed (and ocean marred)
Zombie riffs (on dead guitars)
The date-drugged radio-junkie

Maybe Theyíre Vexed by My Tired Vortex

Stood for something (now its dying)
No more tears (were not trying)
Slaves bound by mass opinion

Maybe Theyíre Vexed by My Tired Vortex

03 I Have Seen the Sunnrise

All is as to be expected
I have seen the sunnrise
I have seen the earth in the midst of violent thunder
The Heavens open forth upon me
And I now pay tribute to my betters
Drone on
Drone on

04 From M^o^untains to M-o-le Hills

Merry mountains on crumbling roots
Drink from the poison wells of the earth
and protest the accusations of the land about them

It is our right. It is our day.
Our day to shine out against the sky
and seek the glories of our peers through veins of molten rock

and we shall be as Gods
Enlightened to the woes of men
and pound the lands with furious vengeance
in glorious acts of ignorance