ca055 - Svart1 - Boxhagener strasse, 8_07

Artist: Svart1
Title: Boxhagener strasse, 8_07
Date: 2007-10-04
Keywords: live electronics, minimalism, ambient
01 - bajkal lake raining tears - 5:42 (256 kbps)
02 - sospiri - 3:01 (256 kbps)
03 - live for Kashita 1* (Berlin, August 2007) - 8:36 (256 kbps)
04 - live for Kashita 2* (Berlin, August 2007) - 11:20 (256 kbps)
05 - soliloquium - 1:16 (256 kbps)
06 - xberg - 8:17 (256 kbps)
07 - sestetto multiplo - 9:10 (256 kbps)

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All songs are created in August 2007 in Berlin. *There are two parts of live set registered in Berlin with Ableton (for Kashità that is an installation video sonorous).

Little sinossi of Kashità:
Knowingly realized with poor half technicians, with the full conscience to dirty the vision, with material, picked up from the road, Kashità lives some same: a series of cassettes for fruits yields you/they are tarred; they become black and they form an irregular and casual totem, they gain four screens, uncomfortable to use, with tentacled bonnets.
The whole structure lives of coincidences and straight lines yet never clean from which the contained colors of the video to his own inside radiate him.
The monitors are arduously prepared in hollow lived, on purpose you recreate for not producing convenience in the vision while the fresh bitumen of the cassettes penetrates in the garments of the guests or in their skin.
The video they are four dreams; four representations that stir in couple; specularis tell of trips, of games, of those sensibilities that leave to settle in the stomach him re-lived the night to leave a long strip the whole following day. In this sense Kashità is a person, an entity that with his four eyes it renders explicit his life that he hardly tells.

Short information about Svart1
Raimondo Gaviano - Cagliari - Sardinia.
Technology like infinite rooms crossed by unexpected colorful visions, sounds and noises that break connections. Perceptions of the phenomena linked to the intuition of the cerebral processes that allow us to maintain memory of our own paranoia, to perceive mental images which, helped by sound, establish a continuous reproduction in colorful evolution of the surrounding truth in the attempt of hitting and living it again.
Sounds like true and own continuous sullecitations through which anxieties are created, parallel to visions. Necessity of continuous and immaterial reproduction that becomes pure air to breathe.
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Rewiev from Lisa Cervi (Italian videomaker).

Raimondo Gaviano (SVART1) conducts us in an invisible world that slowly, disclosing himself, it appears to our eyes.
Sharp sounds that seek peace as a mute cry.
Melancholy silences in which to look for if same.
Noises in foundation to remember the world in which we live, the reality that prevents at times that the dream takes life…
Shades in which to shelter him.
Lights in which to find a brief breath.
The world of Svart1, screeches with all of this that we recognize, it doesn't reenter in categories but only in what you can be defined: lived personal.
Its music filters the world and the surrounding space, it races in the time…
Acute sounds that burn as it climbs, sweets known you whisper that they speak as waves of the sea.

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Photos by Alice Angeletti