ca058 - Gunter Adler – The Silver Book - ep

Artist: Gunter Adler
Title: The Silver Book - ep
Date: 2007-10-14
Keywords: illmuzak, illbient, experimental audio book, electronic
1 - Angeltone - 2:37 (320 kbps)
2 - I feel for you - 2:22 (320 kbps)
3 - The Silver Book - 3:52 (320 kbps)
4 - Zeitnaht - 4:25 (320 kbps)
5 - Rohrpost revisited - 2:12 (320 kbps)

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For some years I have been carrying a small silver book along with me. It serves as a note book for sketches, ideas, thoughts... These rarely are palpable or brought to conclusion. Thus they are not suited for any direct use. The silver book is an unlimited repository for inspiration, makes me feel contemplative
or amuses me. At times I wonder whether somebody who comes across the book should be able to discover a use for it or might find some meaning in the nonsensical words and sentences. This EP consists of material I collected and archived messily in the years 1999 to 2005. Call it IllMuzak, Illbient or an experimental audio book, the designation is without relevance. It is a personal and humoristic work, appropriate before a sumptuous dinner or in order to calm down passengers during the take off of an airplane.
My intention was to find blurred, yet nevertheless dense sound qualities offering sufficient room for private associations to the listener, however, simultaneously being powerful enough to carry him away. Although silver is the fairest of colours, the sounds of this EP are rather the opposite...

*Thanks for your voices! Sarah Bogner, Erik Minkinnen.
(c)(p) 2007 by Jürgen Hall

Vita and projects
Jürgen Hall aka Gunter Adler is a composer, musician, DJ and netlabel owner. He works on the edge of pop and experimental music. Born 1969 in Aachen, Germany. 1986-1988 first synthetically produced sounds (all data lost), studies physics, philosophy and music at University of Hamburg. Degree in applied physics in 1996. Studies art history in 1998/99. 1997/1998 sound installations (Museum Buxtehude), animation films and film scores. Since 1999 experimental and electronic pop music projects „Gunter Adler“, „Groenland Orchester“ and audiovisual project „Augsburger Tafelconfect“. Record releases
and live perfomances in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands. Participation in international music and media festivals (Popkomm Cologne, Berlin Atonal Festival, transmediale03). Works as composer, DJ and programmer. Teaching assistant for audiovisual composition at ZKM (Centre
of Art and Media Technology, Karlsruhe). Concerned with circuit bending since 2005 . Founder and curator of plakatif net music label. Sound design for radioplay 'Paraelektronoia' by Felix Kubin, theatre music „Ritual Kanibalski“ by Mariola Brillowska.
Composition „Elitess“ for new chamber music orchestra Ensemble IntŽgrales.
Silent film soundtracks for „Alice in Wonderland (1915)“, „Berlin – Symphony of a Great City“, starts a fake jazz project under the name „Dino Crocetti Quartet Trio“ in Summer 2007.
Selected Discography
1999 Groenland Orchester, compilation “storage”, CD, Edition Stora

1999 Groenland Orchester s/t, Maxi 12”, Staubgold
Groenland Orchester “trigger happiness” CD, Staubgold
Groenland Orchester on “discotheque bruitisme” Erneuerter Proz., CD
1999 Gunter Adler “15 electronic pieces”, CD, Staubgold
Groenland Orchester, compilation “Psychoscifipoppia”, LP, Gagarin Records
2000 Gunter Adler “Kiebitzreihe”, 7“ Single, Staubgold
Groenland Orchester “nurobic”, LP/CD, Staubgold
2002 Klangkrieg/Gunter Adler Split LP, Staubgold
2003 Gunter Adler „minutemusic“, CD, Mik.Musik
2003 Gunter Adler on CD compilation rk:tx for transmediale 03
2003 Gunter Adler on CD compilation electronic corporation (electronic corporation)
2004 Gunter Adler „Polysynthetica“ netaudio EP, maetrixsolution
2004 Augsburger Tafelconfect, „fusion in the slaughterhaus“ CD, Nneon Records
2005 Gunter Adler „Hallo Herr Adler...“, EP, Gagarin Records
2006 Augsburger Tafelconfect „Friendly Mohawk Tastes Maaloxan“ 7''Single, Nneon
2007 Dino Crocetti Quartet Trio „Portrait“, CDR