ca061 - Totalitarian Musical Sect - Warm Things vol.1, Live in GES-21

Artist: Totalitarian Musical Sect
Title: Warm Things vol.1, Live in GES-21
Date: 2007-10-24
Keywords: free improvisation, neo primitivism, jazz
1 - Thing One - 16:24
2 - Thing Two - 10:08
3 - Thing Three - 16:27
4 - Thing Four - 11:18
5 - Thing Five - 13:53

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The most interesting project of a new wave of modern St.Petersburg's musical scene. To describe style of collective's music is extremely complex. Musicians call it «a new Russian primitivism ». Music includes the features of rock, jazz and improvising music. The most influenced names are German krautrock band CAN, ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO, SUN RA.
The group is a derivate from « Z ensemble », in which many Petersburg's musicians have played.
Despite of a rather long history, first official release is exhausted only 2002 year by the company "HOR records".
TMS is the constant participant of festivals of avant-garde art. The leader of the TMS – Dmitriy Kahovskiy has played with all considerable musicians in St. Petersburg. On a festival SKIF-6 he performed in a duet with the legendary American guitar player Eugene Chadbourne, on SKIF-7 he played with unique Dutch drummer Han Bennink.

Music by Kahovskiy and TMS will be used in some cinematographic projects («It is difficult to be God», А.German).

Musicians of TMS also played in many other projects: Vitaliy Kucherov in Union of Commercial Avantgarde & Nado Podumat'; Alexey Stavizkiy in solo-project "Musicproduct"; Ilia Belorukov in DaDaZu & Miro; Maxim Pozin in DaDaZu & Bimka.

Dmitriy Kakhovskiy - bass and objects
Vitaliy Kucherov - guitar and objects
Alexey Stavizkiy - trombone and clarinet and flutes and objects
Ilia Belorukov - alto and baritone saxophones
Maxim Pozin - alto and prepared alto sax and clarinet and flutes and objects

Recorded by Dmitriy Yalkin at GES-21 on 9 May 2007
Mastered by Dmitriy Kakhovskiy

Photo by Nikolay Ovcharenko
Cover Art by Ilia Belorukov

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