ca090 - L.A.M.P. - Intersphere Quazar

Artist: L.A.M.P.
Title: Intersphere Quazar
Date: 2008-01-09
Keywords: electronic, electro, dance, idm
1 - Into The Bazaar - 2:41
2 - Nightwatchman's Dance - 3:18
3 - The Third Floor - 3:49
4 - Creep Out Freaks - 3:28
5 - I Love U Lappy - 4:05
6 - Backwards Jazz - 4:22
7 - 16bit Hip - 3:18
8 - Poison of Ireland - 2:16
9 - Gateway 159 - 4:13
10 - Legion Defence System - 6:19
11 - Ending Turns To Landing - 4:51

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I composed this album while moving from one city to another. It was all done on my PC laptop with free software, as apposed to my Apple with bought software and hardware. I wanted to make it in the theme of science fiction and a love affair with a laptop. A bizarre goal indeed, with great success I might add. This music falls within the genre of Electro/Dance/IDM. I do hope you enjoy this album as much as I do, dance a little jig for me.

L.A.M.P is Benatos Thompson of Backwards Records. He's been a solo artist for ten years working under different names and styles. Most recently he's done work for Clinical Archives, mixing for 100PIECES and performing live on the west coast. He jumps from Industrial to Hip Hop to IDM to Ambient without breaking a sweat. Check out his new project called Cursed Chimera and further releases on Clinical Archives and Backwards Records.

Photo and design cover by A. Lisovsky / 2008