ca110 - Jab Lemur - Cannibals

Artist: Jab Lemur
Title: Cannibals
Date: 2008-03-15
Keywords: electronic, other
01 - Cannibals - 5:37 (320kbps)
02 - Elephants - 1:00 (320kbps)
03 - Hunting Animals - 2:42 (320kbps)
04 - Natives Ritual Radio - 3:35 (320kbps)
05 - Monster Truck - 4:35 (320kbps)
06 - Birds cant run from me - 4:24 (320kbps)
07 - More Elephants - 4:06 (320kbps)
08 - Stampede Alert - 4:37 (320kbps)
09 - Knife Dancer kill the tiger - 4:31 (320kbps)
10 - Cannibal King wants hot human soup - 4:19 (320kbps)
11 - Teddys Madness - 9:01 (320kbps)
12 - Red Sunset - 15:20 (320kbps)
13 - I became a serial killer - 5:56 (320kbps)
14 - In a Flashback - 3:09 (320kbps)

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CANNIBALS is an álbum produced by the peruvian noise artist Jab Lemur in June of 2007. Its a colage of sounds, as he calls it, “a Sonic Safari” based in the travels of Theodore Roosevelt in Africa. Its a concept álbum, a history of cannibals and killing around the construction and deconstruction of sounds, it’s also a cannibalistic way to produce an álbum, reciclyng sounds and giving to them a new way to be, the way of the point of view by the artist. Maybe the message of CANNIBALS is life itself and how we coexist, some times the violence is a way of expression, that is how we became cannibals too, or simply serial killers of the day after day.

(1) We descended and were received by these strange creatures, with dialects that we were not understanding and singings that were producing a tickle in my back, they were leading us to cross this almost desert zone and the climate towards increasingly dense, the heat was stifling, but bigger was our expectation of what would come. Teddy and I were walking, I with a tired face, and he with his rifle. (2) Then he saw the biggest animal that it has never seen, enormous fangs trodden that were moving the soil. " good prey ", he said. (3) Teddy tries some shots. It is a banquet. We were chasing this animal that was never falling down, shots on the one hand, for another side. For a moment I thought that it would never fall down, but Teddy made it bite the dust, his boots continued shining. (4) We camped, the procession of natives invited us to their party, the fire, illegal waves of radio. It puts us in a kind of trance, it was contagious. I fell asleep and everything i remembered was this hypnotic sounds and Teddy cleaning his weapon. (5) On the next morning we jumped in to the jeep, Teddy adores to shoot on great speed. The engines scared the natives, they thought, “What kind of beast is that?” as the engines started and we did not feel anything more than our faces against this mechanical sound and the bullets that we left flying as killer butterflies. (6) We stopped for a moment , we saw crossing in our front these birds with very long legs and short wings. Teddy said: "are they thinking on flying like that? I’m not even gonna let them run ". As his face turned diferent, the natives encouraged him and he laughed. He is excited but in madness. No bird flew. (7) More of these enormous beings returned, it seems that they were looking for revenge, Teddy aims at the big one, I believe that he is the leader, the beast staggers, seems that it is going to fall down, Teddy felt like god. The elephant king returns to it, only for a stronger attack, it is a bloody fight. Finally it falls down, Teddy is euphoric. We take a photo of him, and again his expression changed, he is different. (8) Other herds, were passing for a deep cliff, we wanted to shoot some, but it seemed to be impossible, they were too much. The land was resounding, growls and echoes were listened of trodden. There were many preys, but it seemed to be uncontrollable. Teddy continued posing, this one in a different state, he is looking now for something more. (9) When the stampede stops passing suddenly a beast jumped above a with big fangs over one of the natives. The boy was alone with his knives and was fighting for his life. Teddy was looking smilingly, immutably. The others surrounded the place of the clash, with his drums they were making sounds, while the boy was stabbing and the animal was extracting pieces of meat. His blood was shining. Teddy seems to be interested. Nobody was running to help the boy, we were observing and accompanying with his primitive rhythm. Finally the beast succumbed, and the native was left a young corpse. We decide to take the body to his home village, I believe that they want to bury him . Teddy accompanied the body with swollen eyes. (10) We took the body. Once in the village we were received by the Canibal King, a big, thick man, with a presence who could intimidante anyone; I must confess it, I was frightened, nevertheless Teddy never doubted and got closer bring him salutations and to ask him about what would be done with the body. The King took the corpse and rapidly threw it in to a boiling pot, that scene terrified me, but Teddy was immutable. The enormous cannibal took a great dipper and led it in to his mouth, the red and bubbly mass, the screams. I could see that wasnt only one body feeding this macabre soup, there were others. The King gave Teddy one full dipper and he received it, i could not believe it, Teddy ate everything and embraced with the enormous being among the shouts of the others natives and the sound of the soup boiling. I listened also more sounds that were coming from the enormous pot, I supposed that it only was my imagination. (11) Then I did not want to approach Teddy, only saw him on a distant view, sharing with the natives . They were drinking something, laughing very much, touching a strange music, and laughing more, " this is beautiful, it is a very beautiful music! ", they were shouting and striking things. They are demented, intoxicated. (12) Later, some of them were taking a nap, I could not, sounds could be listened in the plain, as crickets, and among them a voice that was breathing. I saw that Teddy was moving away solitarily from the camp, it did not know where he was going, but i worried I followed him. His breathing was much stronger. The sun was setting, enormous, red, and Teddy was running to it. He continued running, as if he was afraid of something; he had not realized my presence. The red sun became bigger, every time the sounds were more intense. We crossed all these bushes and i could then see only the arid land and this Sun like bleeding, Teddy detained there. (13) He was repeating: " im not well " i said: " would you stop? " Teddy answer: " I Am Afraid ". Little by little he was collapsing, and closing to unconsciousness he was repeating: " I feel much better now, I feel much better now ", I believe that he fell as lept, I did not want to wake him up. (14) I Could see that while he was unconscious many things were happening. Maybe he was dreaming, maybe it was a nightmare. Maybe he remembered the day and the preys. Tomorrow it will be another day and we are the guests of honor in the cannibal village.