ca123 - C.A. Sinclair - Zetatene

Artist: C.A. Sinclair
Title: Zetatene
Date: 2008-04-22
Keywords: electronic, glitch, electroacoustic, experimental
01 - Grainpunx (megamix) - 3:39
02 - Xnanix Dub - 4:26
03 - Ado Sync Rep. (sstt edit) - 1:41
04 - Stdkock (dpnb edit) - 3:37
05 - Softow Dividends - 5:13
06 - Badewannentango (brausendub) - 5:21
07 - Mludd (dfxd edit) - 0:49
08 - Polyfunk (parabolic edit) - 3:41
09 - Hottentotten (rckbzgl. eix) - 6:21

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"My latest album under my own name (C.A. Sinclair) is called Zetatene, and consists of edited/remixed improvised pieces I made using mostly my laptop running custom software I made with PD (Pure Data). Sound-wise, it goes into a bit of a glitch/noise direction and the sound is very "raw" most of the time with lots of harsh granular sampling and stuff. Structurally, I was particularly interested in the kind of "accidental rhythms" you get through looping or LFOs and in "song-like", progressive structures as opposed to just staying in one place for the duration of piece or jumping around between a number of places, as is often the case with this type of music."

Recorded, edited mixed & mastered
Jan-March 2008 in various locations
Gear used: Macbook, Kaoss Pad (tracks 4, 9),
Cold Gold contact mics (track 9)
Software: Pure Data, BIAS Peak, Soundhack

Cover art & layout by C.A. Sinclair

"My name is Christopher A. Sinclair, I'm an electroacoustic computer musician currently residing in Vienna, Austria. I've released music on various netlabels both under my project name SSH Visor and under my real name. Most of my work is based on self-recorded instrument samples and the like and I'm influenced by all kinds of "out there" music, ranging from Merzbow to Fennesz to Can to fusion-era Miles Davis and way beyond."