ca125 - Syphilis Sauna vs. L.A.M.P - Live @ InfoHazard on February 6th, 2006

Artist: Syphilis Sauna vs. L.A.M.P
Title: Live @ InfoHazard on February 6th, 2006
Date: 2008-04-30
Keywords: live electronics, noise, dark ambient
01 - Part 1 - 5:41
02 - Part 2 - 6:46
03 - Part 3 - 10:38
04 - Part 4 - 3:50
05 - Part 5 - 4:10
06 - Part 6 - 6:55
07 - Part 7 - 5:31

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"On February 6th, 2006 Patrick Urn of Syphilis Sauna and Benatos Thompson of Love Always My Penis (L.A.M.P) were asked to perform at an art gallery opening for some local artists at the now defunct InfoHazard art gallery in Seattle. It was a show case for dark/disturbing paintings, sculptures, shadow boxes, etc. Patrick and Benatos decided on doing a dark noise piece that would fit quite well with the art expo. Patrick remembers it being kinda of hilarious because many of the patrons said they liked Coil, Nurse With Wounds, etc, but didn't like local noise acts trying to emulate those sounds/concepts. Benatos also recalls at one point during their almost one and a half hour set, another patron complained to the curator and said that someone should turn them down or off completely. Luckily no one made such attempts and this dark noise/ambient piece that features Syphilis Sauna on Laptop, Nano Loop, Crash Symbol and L.A.M.P on SH-32, SP-202, Microphone/Mixer was allowed to manifest terrible feelings all night long for those patrons."

Written/Performed by Patrick Urn and Benatos Thompson
Recorded by Benatos Thompson
Mixed by Benatos Thompson
Produced by Patrick Urn and Benatos Thompson

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