ca154 - Tooth Kink vs Kenji Siratori - Tooth Kink vs Kenji Siratori

Artist: Tooth Kink vs Kenji Siratori
Title: Tooth Kink vs Kenji Siratori
Date: 2008-07-11
Keywords: experimental, noise, dark, pre-industrial, spoken words
01 - Phase 1 - 5:28 (320 kbps)
Phase 1 (Text)
02 - Phase 2 - 3:23 (320 kbps)
Phase 2 (Text)
03 - Phase 3 - 4:21 (320 kbps)
Phase 3 (Text)
04 - Phase 4 - 5:08 (320 kbps)
Phase 4 (Text)
05 - Phase 5 - 7:08 (320 kbps)
Phase 5 (Text)
06 - Phase 6 - 10:20 (320 kbps)
Phase 6 (Text)
07 - Phase 7 - 10:12 (320 kbps)
Phase 7 (Text)
08 - Phase 8 - 9:37 (320 kbps)
Phase 8 (Text)

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Japanese cyberpunk writer found Tooth Kink in MySpace and offered to make a joint album. So it's here – dark, provocative and brooding stuff, comprising pre-industrial, noise-hop and hi-infidelity.

Kenji Siratori: a Japanese cyberpunk writer who is currently bombarding the internet with wave upon wave of highly experimental, uncompromising, progressive, intense prose. His is a writing style that not only breaks with tradition, it severs all cords, and can only really be compared to the kind of experimental writing techniques employed by the Surrealists, William Burroughs and Antonin Artaud. Embracing the image mayhem of the digital age, his relentless prose is nonsensical and extreme, avant-garde and confused, with precedence given to twisted imagery, pace and experimentation over linear narrative and character development. With unparalleled stylistic terrorism, he unleashes his literary attack. An unprovoked assault on the senses. Blood Electric (Creation Books) was acclaimed by David Bowie.

Tooth Kink has come to life in 2005, when Mikhail Salnikov (MOX) selected the best noise (processed feedback, musique concrete, glitch, montage, lo-fi, industrial, post-industrial, spontaneous) bits from the heap of records, made with members of such bands as Poostosh and 319 as well as with Alexei Borisov, distinguished and influential Russian composer. In 2006 self-titled album was released in Monstaar Records in Chicago. The core of live staff are Borisov and Salnikov (lap-top, synths, processors, microphones, output control) - but the concept of Tooth Kink, which first gig took place in Moscow in Spring of 2007, is a creating worlds in a process of experimental improvisation, involving every musician, who is keen to participate.

Kenji Siratori - voice and poetry
Tooth Kink:
Mikhail Salnikov, Alexei Borisov
music except track 2
Salnikov, Borisov and Rounik Sethi
track 5 uses sample recorded by Sergey Lobakhin;
track 8 uses a fragment of Andrey Gavrilov, Vitaiy Chaplin
and Alexander Plotnikov

Produced by Mikhail Salnikov
Photo by Mikhail Salnikov
Cover design by Ilia Belorukov