ca207 - Anton Mobin & Ayato - QUASARS 8 (The Quasi Stellar Radio Source of Octopus)

Artist: Anton Mobin & Ayato
Title: QUASARS 8 (The Quasi Stellar Radio Source of Octopus)
Date: 2009-01-24
Keywords: improvisation, intuitive music, lo-fiction
01 - Crash1 - 13:36 (320 kbps)
02 - Crash2 - 11:42 (320 kbps)
03 - Crash3 - 07:02 (320 kbps)

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Ayato & Anton Mobin present QUASARS 8 (The Quasi Stellar Radio Source of Octopus)
AYATO: prepared guitar, turntable
ANTON MOBIN: metallic tube, textile, rubbed microphones

Discovered recently, Quasars are celestial bodies which, of drift in waterfalls without stand-in, float towards Octopus. The origin and the nature of their powerful electro-magnetic radiations are not still well known. The first visible radio sources of these sound materials, collide in a universe abandoned in the intuition. Every sound is deliberate accident. The abnormality resounds by slidings in the meanders of the Cosmos.

This session is recorded Live at la ferme Ta gueule (Olivet-France) on 08.10.16 by themselves; before a radiophonic tour in october/november 2008: Radio Canut (Lyon-France), Radio Campus (OrlÈans-France) et KKWNE (stream live).

Ayato and Anton Mobin arise from the collective H.A.K. Both are authors of many releases on H.A.K. LO-FI RECORD.

Created in 2001, H.A.K. is a variable-geometry collective which combines more of 80 artists in France and Belgium. H.A.K. LO-FI RECORD is a label of independent music, as well as a group of sound researches wondering at the same moment about the sound spaces in term of
politeness or plastic installations, and on the various manners to practise Sound today.

More than 170 editions, discs, dvd mark out the route of H.A.K. LO-FI RECORD.
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Cover Art: Mamzel P.