ca247 - Mental Health Consumer - Ambia

Artist: Mental Health Consumer
Title: Ambia
Date: 2009-04-14
Keywords: soundscape, experimental, ambient
01 – Are You In? (live mix) - 9:01 (320 kbps)
02 – The Diversions of Leisure - 4:42 (320 kbps)
03 – Alone in the Dark (live mix) - 5:46 (320 kbps)
04 – Drenching - 4:50 (320 kbps)
05 – Full Tilt Traveler (live mix) - 5:32 (320 kbps)
06 – This Guilty Delusion (live mix) - 6:07 (320 kbps)
07 – Triage (live mix) - 4:26 (320 kbps)
08 – R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) - 8:26 (320 kbps)

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Ambia by Mental Health Consumer is a collection of aural environments and scored emotions. It is an interplay of drones, sparse harmonies, soundtracks for half-sleep, feelings of awe and states in between. Mental Health Consumer recorded and mixed many of the tracks live, allowing a fuller immersion in the meditative immediacy of how one hears and responds to music.

Mental Health Consumer is a production alias of Brian Ruskin. Mental Health Consumer tracks run the genre spectrum from dance-oriented to atmospheric soundscapes and sonic experiments.
Brian began creating music as a child, intrigued by the interesting sounds made by hooking up cheap guitars and keyboards to effects pedals. They say that an amateur blames the equipment if the output’s bad, so Brian tried not to complain. Instead, he established a working method to embrace the limitations of obsolete technologies of proto-samplers, odds-and-end instruments and 2 or 4-track tape recording. Most importantly, a prolific output of recording during those formative years served as a dated document of where Brian was in terms of musical influence, emotional and personal state, and technical development.
Since 2002, Brian has integrated computer-based composition with live recording. The result has been a prolific stream of electronic albums under the name AViD: Advances in Obsolete Technology and more recently, greater sonic experimentation under the guise of Mental Health Consumer. Many of these records can be heard via Brian’s netlabel, Believe In Billy Records:

As a scientist and an artist, Brian Ruskin tries to achieve the careful balance between the calculated and emotive, well-crafted music that also resonates with the listener and creates a sound environment to explore. It’s an evolving process, a labor of love, and he sincerely hopes that Mental Health Consumer tracks provide you with an enjoyable listening experience.