ca259 - Xarhope / Jackpooote / Engenho - Freaking Out At Republica Solar44

Artist: Xarhope / Jackpooote / Engenho
Title: Freaking Out At Republica Solar44
Date: 2009-05-16
Keywords: jam band, spoken words, other
01 - A Mutacao - 3:45 (320 kbps)
02 - Areias Movedias - 7:12 (320 kbps)
03 - Monstros Sagrados - 2:28 (320 kbps)
04 - Morphina - 2:18 (320 kbps)
05 - Ninho de Ratos - 3:32 (320 kbps)
06 - Papoilas Plasticas - 2:1 (320 kbps)

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"...all this was recorded in the end of 2008 in a comunitary house in the center of portugal, a city near the mondego river, called coimbra.
in this jams there are members of my other projects jackpooote and engenho...
the voice was recorded separately by me after the instrumental jam..."

samuel - voice, drums, melodica
marco osni - electronics
marcelo açoreano- guitar
lauro palaciodaloucura - guitar
diogo solar44 - guitar
luis botaabaixo - bass
Ara dapraça - sax
Faisal (some vox on monstros sagrados)
karmen (some vox on morphine)

"samuel lyrics - google translation :)
Amid the ruins of thinking walk the sacred monsters, the movement becomes slow and heavy as the irony falls in the gutter. The boy shot the sunglasses of sky with disdain and the shoes and barefoot woman massage the ankle. Outside a group of hooded individuals manifests itself in very difficult to understand. A tourist takes a photograph them. The sirens never stop, day and night a pulsar permanent. The poison of the serpent gives life. The reason estupidifica freedom. It is always a good time to leave. Stay in the shade creates man, and the bugs are bad advisers, have to drop the philosophy and sometimes spit flame. After all people lie pain and needs you, and you need new shoes. / The tree ages and the souls wanders adrift by suburbs. A group of dogs bark outside the notary. You Fix the neck and change the channel. Open your mouth and the rain comes. We close our eyes and panic turns to mint. Bones to lose sight of. Emotional blindness. The work of man is to help the machine to remain healthy. The navel saved. We matter. The ventricle is an atomic bomb. We are doomed to give and receive. Love is the illusion anyway. A stroll orangery where deaf and dumb. You hear the breaths. The morning a hunter comes to the edge of the boy and plays him with the barrel of the gun in the leg. The boy does not want to agree, or continue to dream of the endless field of poppies plastic. / A storm in your head. The dust at your feet. A long journey by camel from the plateau disposal business. The safety is close to hand and flashlight in the man is extended to the edge of the lake. After a long labor, the gods can save the children of Jupiter. The woman still lost, do not understand why so much concern. Everything seems exotic when the memory becomes corrupt. The clouds are moving without direction, and there is a lady sitting on them watching the motor prosthesis. The nature of certain objects is a mystery. Left the scriptures and its insurance against all risks. Hit the light and blow the candle. The night is dark or in unguarded level crossing. / And there they let you bring the beauty the expression appears. The obsessions are transformed into crocodiles and intestinal madness gives the light a lush garden. There they let you bring the beauty and the desire comes with it can have extramarital relations because the grammar is a nest of rats. There they let you bring the beauty of your choices become easier and more certain it is you are millionaire in three days. The fourth day God created love. The fifth day the man destroyed love. On the sixth day man created god. The seventh day the man the man realized that it had beards and retired to his cave. In other days the woman is planted in the side of the road to grumble with the gods. / You are about to give up the change. The star has just fallen in the lap of the police. And the old lady in flowered dress protest when the clock stops working. The animals perceived the time. The body is going to levitate and satellite up to its function. The master psychic divorce and have asked the fortune-teller enlist in the army of salvation. The police yourself among the bushes of the park and a group of snipe climb the masts of a building of working class. An accident between two trucks blocking the main entrance in the city. And a flock of ducks on the water slides pale of the river as if nothing is happening. The Gypsies are back to camp. His snakes are more swollen than ever. You are about to give up the change."