ca269 - Joxfield ProjeX - Virtual Dreams & Realities

Artist: Joxfield ProjeX
Title: Virtual Dreams & Realities
Date: 2009-06-05
Keywords: psychedelic, space-rock, electronic, enviromental, other
01 - Virtual Dreams & Realities - 42:44 (320 kbps)
00.00 - Starter
04.00 - Y 1 Pattern
12.50 - The Inbetweener
15.05 - Hell Jazz Industry
20.22 - The Bridge Egdirb Eht
22.18 - Y 2 Pattern
24.23 - Close To The Temple
29.26 - Sigm Und Freud
36.20 - Climbing Fuji
41.23 - Do It All Over Again
42.44 - Conclusion
02 - New August Sense Of Ease And Peace - 9:38 (320 kbps)

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‘Virtual Dreams & Realities’ is a one-track suite in various parts. It consists of various elements of played and improvised music as well as parts constructed from patterns from the Joxfield ProjeX vault. The suite has also loads of samples, both from own sources as well as foreign. Some re-worked, very old parts has its origins from recordings made in the late 1890s.

‘New August Sense Of Ease And Pain’ is Joxfield ProjeX-goes-dancing. All of it consists of samples from own and foreign sorces. It’s possible to dance to it.

Sounds, visions, proceedings & production by Oax & Yan of Joxfield ProjeX
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Joxfield ProjeX is a duo of Oax and Yan.
They are mostly playing guitars, keyboards as well as basses and programmings of various rhythmic patterns suitable for whatever necessary. They also love to add peculiar sounds to their music, beautiful and annoying. The last two years have been very creative with recordings of music for about ten albums, of which this is one.