ca351 - The Rick Jensen Quartet - Night Shelter

Artist: The Rick Jensen Quartet
Title: Night Shelter
Date: 2010-01-17
Keywords: jazz, improvisation, free jazz
01 - Restless Legs - 4:23 (320 kbps)
02 - House of the Sun God - 2:31 (320 kbps)
03 - Writing in Ashes - 7:55 (320 kbps)
04 - Maranatha - 2:12 (320 kbps)
05 - On Southern Time - 9:56 (320 kbps)
06 - Night Shelter - 2:24 (320 kbps)
07 - Everything - 7:58 (320 kbps)
08 - The Cat Who Never Woke Up - 4:09 (320 kbps)
09 - In the Daylight - 1:22 (320 kbps)
10 - The Hedonist - 11:57 (320 kbps)

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Night Shelter was the last recording I made before leaving New Zealand, it was also the first (and so far only) studio recording by The Rick Jensen Ensemble.
It was recorded in early 2006 at James Gilberd's Photospace Gallery by Blair Wootton with his portable studio set up. It is also the last recording of mine from New Zealand to have never been released before. The band at the time had never played as a quartet before, James had been playing drums for me for a year or two, Sam had been playing bass on and off with the Trio for a couple of years, he had been in Korea for a year prior to this which is When Nigel had joined in playing bass and keyboards. The studio approach resulted in a very different sound to what we would normally do, shorter pieces, more jazzy and more room to try unusual things. I do think its still a good album, and marks a brginning and end in the history of this group.

Rick Jensen: Alto Sax, Clarinet, Recorder
Sam Stephens: Bass, Hammond
Nigel Patterson: Hammond, Recorder, Bass
James Gilberd: Drums, Percussion