ca397 - José Travieso - Musica para una Guitarra sin Voz

Artist: José Travieso
Title: Musica para una Guitarra sin Voz
Date: 2010-09-05
Keywords: fusion; piano; minimalism; contemporary; experimental
(320 kbps)
01 - Angélica - 4:01
02 - El Gato Negro - 2:47
03 - Angélica (reprise) - 2:44
04 - Cool Swing 69 - 4:52
05 - El Valle de Atenea - 4:42
06 - Raíces y Misterios - 3:53
07 - El Valle de Atenea (ending) - 1:27

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Complete recordings for piano written for the HIPNOTICA project, a jazz-fusion duo for guitar and piano that Jose Travieso founded with the guitarist José Luis Cabeza.
The HIPNOTICA project was working for a few of sessions during Summer and Autumn of 2001. The final recordings for piano and guitar were never made, but this EP collects all the tracks for piano.
Tracks #1, #3, #4, #5 and #7 were composed by José Luis Cabeza & José Travieso. Tracks #2 and #6 were written by José Travieso.
These recordings were remastered in October of 2008.

José Travieso is a Spanish composer and multi-instrumentalist distinguished by a strong self-proficiency and versatility in the development of all his projects (playing all the instruments, engineering the recordings, designing the artwork, etc.) as much as having an eclectic catalogue of releases. Itís not possible to limit José Travieso to an alone musical style or genre. Every new release is usually very different to the last one. So, along the last years, he has recorded piano solo albums, minimalist music, avant-garde and experimental music, classical, jazz, electronic music and even playing the whole role of a thrash metal band with the name of "Cautiva". José Travieso believes in the free digital distribution of the music and art and all his works are possible to get them for free in his Official WebSite.