ca418 - Zack Kouns - Endless Fertile Valley

Artist: Zack Kouns
Title: Endless Fertile Valley
Date: 2011-01-05
Keywords: other; experimental; psychedelic; acoustic; post-rock
(320 kbps)
01 - Deathless ground of life - 5:09
02 - He does not grieve over what is not - 4:45
03 - Mara - 4:23
04 - Hard to aim, hard to restrain - 4:28
05 - Hiding from the freedom of a bird in flight - 6:36
06 - Death sweeps them away while they are still gathering - 4:21
07 - White bones cast away - 4:13
08 - Burst into flames - 4:13
09 - Alive and alone - 4:48

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Endless Fertile Valley is very loosely based on the Dhammapada; all of the song titles are garnered from the ancient text of the book. The album title is the only exception and is intended to illustrate the true theme of the album that the Dhammapada can only hint at and words in general can barely brush against (music being the ideal medium for conveying our most esoteric and abstruse intimations.)
The theme came to me by accident (or mysterious design) during a 15 kilometer run during the summer. I passed a valley with tall grass that I stopped to admire. Suddenly, I saw the valley extend upward into the sky; it stretched behind me and became the road. I vomited in the prairie grass several times and lost consciousness. When I awoke, everything was back to "normal" and I ran home and wrote the entire album in under two hours. Here is that album, born from a bizarre vision of eternity and the impossibility of ending and certainly open to interpretation.