ca441 - Leandro Casas - Entre Líneas

Artist: Leandro Casas
Title: Entre Líneas
Date: 2011-05-10
Keywords: piano; neoclassicism; contemporary; folk; world; other
(320 kbps)
01 - Sin Apuro - 4:00
02 - El De’n Casa - 3:32
03 - El Espejo - 7:20
04 - Lluvia - 4:00
05 - Al Alma - 4:40
06 - De Revés - 3:32
07 - Pa’l Que Tuvo un Mal Día - 2:29
08 - Del que llega Tarde - 2:40
09 - Cuando Llegue el Alba - 4:20

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Poetry and music with extremely tactile textures to the senses. Let you hear endless melody lines surrounding the air somewhere. Place where you can feel the silence with a glance, getting closer to the more distant memory.

Leandro Casas (born in San Francisco, Córdoba, Argentina in 1986) is a arranger, composer and musician. He began his piano studies at the "Arturo Berutti” conservatory. Later, his career focused individual studies by Tatiana Shundrovskaya (academic music), Luis Lewin (piano jazz), and German Gonzales (composition). In 2006, resumed his academic studies through Initiation Institute Autoral "Sebastian Piana” (SADAIC). Studying "Harmony and Composition" I, II and III, by the pianist, arranger and composer Juan Carlos Cirigliano; and "Orchestration and Counterpoint" I and II, by the arranger, composer and orchestal conductor José Carli. He continues uninterrupted individual studies by Juan Carlos Cirigliano (piano jazz) and Eduardo Avena (latin percussion). Since 2000, runs through diferent argentina folk festivals in the country, either accompanying groups as well as presenting their art as a soloist.