ca450 - Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop - Excuse me, are you sick?!

Artist: Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop
Title: Excuse me, are you sick?!
Date: 2011-06-15
Keywords: alternative rock; stoner rock; pop rock
(320 kbps)
01 - Alone - 3:46
02 - Champagne Desert Love - 3:40
03 - Type of Guy - 4:19
04 - Elimination of Danger - 3:10
05 - Asshole Dance - 3:14
06 - Warning Signals - 5:09
07 - Mark on you - 5:01
08 - Reset Eject Play - 4:04
09 - I got Plan - 2:24
10 - Will - 4:02
11 - Without a Struggle - 4:07
12 - Therapy - 5:14

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It´s not easy to express the music of Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop. It is music in his simplicity, clarity and intensity, but the most important thing is the uniqueness and the audibility of the songs.
"Excuse me, are you sick?!" is the first concept-album of the band. An inwardly lost person´s way of a prospected depression is depicted (Alone).
Due to a tragic accident a beloved person becomes in need of care, what reduces the main character to despair. This is shown in "Champagne Desert Love".
"Elimination of Danger" shows the first signs that something is wrong and the abolishment of that fear.
In "Warning Signals" you see the real feelings of of the main character.
"Will" comments on the reasons why finally the person decides to make a therapy.
Assholedance, I got Plan, Without a Struggle, Type of guy and Reset Eject Play are single impressions appreciated by the main character.

In 2004 Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop was found.
The first steps were made with the self-titled EP in 2006. After that the album "Nebula" followed in 2008.

The musicians are:
Kerstin Dietl (vocals/guitar/piano/songwriting),
Alex Dübell (guitar/synth/piano/lyrics/songwriting)
Joe Kirsch (bass/piano/ideas)
Uli „the Machine“ Eggerbauer (drums/ideas)

The four members found themselves in the little bavarian town Geisenhausen
Together with and 13 other bands they practice in a bunker 20 m in the underground.
They meet in a unreal and dusky ambiance with everlasting 20°C and work with continuous and creative exchange to the other bands on their music.
Excuse me, are you sick?! is the second album of the Geisenhausen´s quartett and waits for the world´s audience.
Music´s freedom and its distribution is corroborated by the CC-licence