ca477 - Skala Collective - Black Constellation

Artist: Skala Collective
Title: Black Constellation
Date: 2011-11-12
Keywords: post rock; krautrock; space rock; electronic; free jazz
(320 kbps)
01 - Mosaic - 4:25
02 - Over trees - 5:45
03 - We will journey - 3:08
04 - Sunday - 3:07
05 - Disappearing Europe - 2:49
06 - Waiting for something - 3:21
07 - Another town - 4:23
08 - What answer do you expect? - 2:40
bonus track:
09 - First day of new world - live on Venus - 11:14 

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Skala Collective refers to the music group of people that are supporting each otherís solo as well as some other side-projects. When it comes to music styles Skala gets inspiration from the fusion of post rock, space & krautrock, electronic, jazz, noise music genres. Skala project has released 4 albums so far. All of them were issued in the creative commons domain and are download free.
Current members:
- Roger: guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, loops, drums,
- Maya: drums, keyboards, saxonette, jembe,
- GBart: keyboards, loops, drum machine programming.

Featured guest performer on the  live improvisation of "First day of a new world" is a drummer Tom vel Kyca Marko and Brenislav did the overall photo coverage. Roger and GBart have also released the solo project for the netlabel Chill Label ( and Recycling Records ( Further more the Skala Collective members are also performing in the improvising band Perry Ferya Band, that has released its debut album on Recycling Records. The Black Constellation album is the most complete fusion of the different genres performed  by its members on the daily basis. The dynamics of the album is made by the dreamy melodies supported by solid drums and bass structure, spiced up with free jazz improvisation and noise sound explosions.

The band is writing its blog. You can find there the previous Skala Collective releases as well as side projects of its members -

Roger - gitars, bass, keybords, loops, drums
Maya - drums, keybords, saxonet, djembe
GBart - keybords, loops, drum machine programing

Tom vel Kyca Marko: drums in 'First day of new world ñ live one Venus'
Brenislav: all photos
Sycylia: project of cover
rec/mix & master: Skala Collective