ca498 - H Stewart - GenreLess

Artist: H Stewart
Title: GenreLess
Date: 2012-05-05
Keywords: experimental
(320 kbps)
01 - This Day - 3:17
02 - Around Yesterday - 3:29
03 - Valuer - 3:56
04 - Blue Eyes - 3:28
05 - Ever After - 4:01
06 - Unlike Spring - 3:45
07 - In Attempts for Breath - 2:51
08 - SongBird - 3:59
09 - Midtown - 3:23
10 - NeverTimes - 3:11

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Five years ago I started releasing sound on various net labels.  After the publication of my first book Porched Hopes I came to an artistic impasse. At that time time I was in the company of Christopher McFall. He handed me a laptop housed with odd programs and an old pencil microphone. He told me there is no wrong way to make experimental music. Without any further assistance I began work on what some of you know as "To touch the Taste of Sound". I openly admit I had no idea what I was doing and I still do not pretend to be any sort of talented or otherwise wise musician. I can say that in many ways I grew up in front of the audience of my sound. In the years past I have found great sanctuary in my work. The words I sing, the sounds I skew are my only known comfort in my life.

I have been at best lucky with the most gracious reception I have received from my listeners which span the globe and without then I would lack purpose, direction and continuance. This release is professionally remastered tracks from various past releases. This release is a gift to my listeners, supporters and friends. I choose to include the tracks on this album because they are the ones that people have reached out to me from across the globe as a sort of conversation starter. These songs are the seeds of many blossoming friendships in my life. I included a track that has not been in any prior release that was composed early in my sound journey.

I must take the time now to thanks a few specific individuals who are vital in my creative process. First and foremost my listeners, especially those who have contacted me personally. I am constantly humbled by your intelligence, perception and general awesomeness. Secondly I must thank the community of sound artists that have been a constant source of conversation, inspiration and wisdom namely, Christopher McFall, Alex,  Juan Jose Calarco, Mons Jacet, Nanako Noise, Sietse Van Erve, Zac Keiller, Alozeau, Jos Smolders, Will Thomas Long, Larry Johnson, Scott Taylor, Theirry Massard, and Larry Johnson. In closing I must thank the people who simply love Holly. The people I know personally that graciously tolerate my ever changing location, and life mission namely, Nairba Sirrah, Sharai Bohanon, Anna Frey, Sam Kirk, Artie Scholes, Edward Lynn, Scotty Rex, Dennis Cook Jr, Rex Hunt, Keith Buchanan, Jason Beason, Mark Tabor Paschal, Rico, Dejoie, Rhy Carter-Trotter, and her husband Jimmi Trotter whose collection of odd music and knowledge is awesome and endless.

Kansas City, Missouri has always been a source of inspiration for my work. I can promise anyone who wants to listen that I will continue releasing as long as I am physically able and that as I grow I will sing and skew the seeds planted by each and everyone of you. My inspiration has always been the odd ones in this life and because of that I am confident that I will remain out side any notable sense when it comes to music. I hope to remain inside your ears. Thank you. H Stewart.


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