ca501 - Boris Gagloev & Noise Pictures - Noise Pictures 2005-12-26 / Noise Pictures Extracts (2CD)

Artist: Boris Gagloev & Noise Pictures
Title: Noise Pictures 2005-12-26 / Noise Pictures Extracts (2CD)
Date: 2012-07-17
Keywords: spontaneous improvisation; free jazz; experimental
(320 kbps)
CD1 - Noise Pictures 2005-12-26

01 - 2005-12-26-01 - 5:02
02 - 2005-12-26-02 - 11:11
03 - 2005-12-26-03 - 9:02
04 - 2005-12-26-04 - 12:59
05 - 2005-12-26-05 - 18:16
06 - 2005-12-26-06 - 10:41

Boris Gagloev - guitars
Marian Petržela - drums and percussion
Jan Faix - piano
Recorded in Prague by Vít Král
(Fluidum Records Studios,
Mix and master by Boris Gagloev

CD2 - Noise Pictures Extracts

01 - 2005-07-24 - 5:21
02 - 2005-07-25 - 10:46
03 - 2005-03-26 - 9:35
04 - 2005-01-07 - 5:33
05 - 2005-04-21 - 13:57

Boris Gagloev - guitars
Marian Petržela - drums and percussion (1,2,4,5)
Taras Voloshchuk - double-bass (1,2,5)
Alexander Shonert - violin (3)
Jan Faix - piano (1,2)
Bedřich Lévi - vocal (2)
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Boris Gagloev

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Boris Gagloev was born in 1969 in the Russian town of Vologda, he graduated from Archangelsk Conservatory in the field of jazz guitar (1993) and also he was graduate of St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre, Music, and Cinematography in the field of composition and sound creation participating in experimental course of Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky (master´s degree in 2004). In the 90s, he came across international gathering Un de Lion for instance, in 1997 he moved to Prague, where he taught at Instrumental Theatre Music College and performed concerts with various bands in the genres of avant-garde improvisation, jazz and latino-american music (Kaljan Jazz, BG Ensemble, Noise Of Time, Atarés) and last but not least, he composed scenic music.
At the end of 2004, Gagloev set up project of Noise Pictures with intention to give a boost to  loose association of musicians - rather than closed band - with interest in improvised and experimental music, so that various musicians from different genres having lust for diverse approach to music making could meet; while some of them took part in no more than one action, the others cooperated much longer. Boris himself described the project as “musical yoga or sound magic by the means of live communication of musicians and audience in real time”. This group gave varied performances, they also produced many recorded material in rehearsal rooms and studios and its activity continued to flourish until January 2008, when Boris passed away.
Not until this year, there has been found most probably the only extant CD-R from 2005, containing mastered studio recordings of the core group of Noise Pictures (trio Gagloev – Petržela – Faix). You can find this recording on the first CD and as a “bonus”, collection of recordings from rehearsals and home studio has been attached; Gagloev put together this collection as promo material named Noise Pictures Extracts.
Boris Gagloev could have been considered as rather controversial eccentric by many for his often very radical opinions and quite self-destructive lifestyle; however, as an artist he will hardly ever be forgotten by anyone who had chance to meet him. All those people would definitely confirm that he should be remembered, and therefore we made possible for public to share this album too.
“Dragons do exist.” BG

Sleeve note by Jan Faix
Sleeve note translated by Jiří Beránek
Cover picture by Marina Gagloeva
Cover design by Krilin (