ca030 - Christopher McFall - Grayscale Is Failing

Artist: Christopher McFall
Title: Grayscale Is Failing
Date: 2007-06-20
Keywords: avant-garde, experimental
1 - Untitled I - 9:07 (320 kbps)
2 - Untitled II - 10:00 (320 kbps)
3 - Untitled III - 8:19 (320 kbps)
4 - Untitled IV - 2:37 (320 kbps)

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"Grayscale Is Failing" was composed from variety of digital and treated analog field recordings. The resulting compositions were conceived through a variety of computer-based manipulations. For me, this grouping of works has assumed a very visual quality, as the source recordings used to create it were procured in the metropolitan districts of Kansas City, USA during the winter of 2007. I feel that these works tend to portray a digital vision of the subtle aspects of winter in urban America; it's long nights and short days shadowed by overcast skies, giving way to portraits of dimly lit buildings and city streets that serve as a scaffolding for the continuous advance of technology, while at the same time, allowing for the mass consumption of the remnant.

Christopher McFall is a sound artist working out of Kansas City, USA.
His primary methods of working involve the use of computer-based programming techniques, which are applied to art of processing sounds from field recordings and then re-combining them in a multitrack format. The main motivation behind Christopher's workings revolve around the desire to manipulate/engineer recorded aspects of the macroscopic world around him into a microscopic mosaic.
He has released recordings previously on Con-v, Filament Recordings and Laboratoire Moderne. Additionally, Christopher is scheduled to release new work on CD-R in 2007 on Entr'acte. New netlabel releases are also scheduled for 2007 on Testube and alg-a. Previous releases by Christopher McFall may be freely downloaded from the following netlabels:
Laboratorie Moderne:
Filament Recordings: