ca200 - Various - Clinical Jazz

Artist: Various
Title: Clinical Jazz (9CD)
Date: 2008-12-31
Keywords: jazz; free jazz; avant-garde; free improv; structural improv; experimental; improvisation; electronic; big dub; sound textures; medusada; ambient; minimalist pop; jazzy moods; heaviness; ritual electronic; progressive; jazz-rock; instrumental; modern jazz; modern classical; contemporary; new line jazz; psychedelic; eclectic; psychedelic improvised; intuition improvisation; extended techniques; nu-jazz; jazz-core; punk; noisy free jazz; magical unicellular music; freestyle; live manipulation; musique-concrete; funk; electroacoustic; tape recorders; neo-primitivism; ragatronica; jam band; boredom; illogical; unclassable; indefinable; other

"Clinical Jazz" is an eclectic and illogical compilation.
Range: ....from "clinically" traditional jazz directions....... up to unclassable and clinically indefinable "jazz" forms.

cover front (9CD)

101. Strings Of Consciousness - Asphodel - 5:58 (320 kbps)

Strings Of Consciousness has united acoustic music and digital technology. The sound of Strings Of Consciousness is meant and dreamt to be adventurous and creative. Throughout the past few years we have noticed that more and more experimentalists were expressing less and less concern for their potential listeners, forgetting to respect some structures/directions in their composition and most of all lacking humanity. Even if we sculpt and craft our music with a lot of focus on detail and days and days of editing, for us it is important to convey emotions, feelings. Today, 14 musicians form the collective though the heart of Strings Of Consciousness is a string quartet, as its name makes clear, but it is also a direct literary reference to the "stream of consciousness", a term that was earlier in the 20th century to illustrate the flow of words echoing the narrator's thoughts. A narrative technique which is dear to the ensemble because of musical freeforms they all feel strongly about. Though we do not believe that free playing equals everyone playing at once. Grace and space are of the utmost importance.

Founded by Philippe Petit (BiP_HOp / Pandemonium Rdz.) and Hervé Vincenti and starting life as a small group of musicians from Marseilles, France, the ensemble expanded by recruiting like-minded musicians from across the Globe. Their unique sound has been likened to latter-day Talk Talk, Angelo Badalamenti, Do Make Say Think, Tortoise and Arab Strap often in the same breath.

Hervé Vincenti (guitars / samplers / keys) + Abdenor Natouri (double bass) + Andy Diagram (trumpet / electronics) + Karim Tobbi (guitar) + Perceval Bellone (saxophone) + Philippe Petit (laptop) + Lydwine Vanderhulst (piano)

"Our Moon Is Full" features vocal collaborations from J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus), Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys), Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Lisa Smith-Klossner, Pete Simonelli (Enablers), Black Sifichi and Barry Adamson.


102. The Black Hakawati - There’s a Hole at the End of the Tunnel - 5:24 (320 kbps)

Formed by Austrian saxist Herbert Könighofer and sound artist Norbert Bieber, The Black Hakawati fuses classical jazz elements with lush flying carpets of electronically generated and treated sounds. Ranging from gloomy yet enlightening jazz ballads to edgy, expressive groove monsters their sonic fairy tales conquer the dedicated listener with a passionate love for details and sound.

(big image)

Previously unreleased, “There’s a Hole at the End of the Tunnel” is a vivid example for TBH’s abilities to create subtle darkness, featuring Klaus Kircher (bass) and Andy Collett (guitar).


103. Professor Psygrooves + friends - Scales [Special Version] - 13:52 (320 kbps)

This version is based on a track originally performed and improvised live as part of a working session in which Professor Psygrooves handled electronics, live treatments and effects, and M. Sevrain (aka. Bigmik) played long piano and synth.
Then, and exclusively for this compilation, the Professor recorded a drums improvisation and mr. August Engkilde, with his amazing sense of bass playing, added groovy double-bass lines.
The resulting piece consists in a "humanized" special version, which combines ambient electronics, big dubs, and sound textures with the lively impression of an improbable trio...

Credits :
Professor Psygrooves (jarring effects label, fr) : electronics, sound treatments,
drums, mix, edits
Big Mik (mutt productions, fr) : long piano, nordlead synth
August Engkilde (brumtone recordings, dk) : double-bass...

Notes :
* Look at the artists links for more informations and details.

* Professor Psygrooves' very first album "foreign pulses and borderline dubs" will be released on february 9th 2009, on Jarring Effects Label... STAY TUNED !!

104. Damo Suzuki & NOW - Metro Girl (the unedited full 20 minute version) - 19:57 (320 kbps)
(United Kingdom/Germany/Japan/Africa)

DAMO SUZUKI & NOW - "The London Evening News"
For this recording:
CASPAR GORDON = trombone / synthesizer
CRAIG TAMLIN = percussion / trumpet
JUSTIN PATON = synthesizers / percussion
PETER LOWIS = bass guitar
YUHI NAKANO = synthesizer

In London, 1998, songwriter Justin Paton thought up a new group called NOW, so regular rehearsals were arranged with friends helping out on various instruments and NOW was born.

Along the way the NOW line-up has evolved to include the following:
ANGELA LAST = bass, voice, synth, guitar, percussion
JUSTIN PATON = voice, guitar, synth, percussion, bass
RICHARD THOMAS = cello, voice, melodica, percussion

On "THE HEPADABOO", their second studio album released by the Japanese label Flau, NOW are delving further into the unexplored regions of off-beat pop music. An EP named "OISHEEDY ANNA" is also out on Discordance records and their first album, named "FRISBEE HOTPOT", was released in 2006 on Pickled Egg records.

NOW have worked with visionary underground musicians such as Cans Damo Suzuki (a joint album was released on TRI recordings in 2007, named "THE LONDON EVENING NEWS", and got a rave review in The Wire magazine), Charles Hayward (This Heat/Camberwell Now), Mike Watt (The Stooges/The Minutemen/Firehose/Ciccone Youth), Norways' Metronomicon collective and Salvatore, Kaori Tsuchida (The Go! Team), The Klinker club, Resonance FM Radio, the Kosmische club, Rebecca Closure and Man From Uranus, and regularly appeared on CD and vinyl compilations.

Their sense of adventure continues to attract interesting collaborations, and has earned them support slots with bands such as Faust, Circle, Tunng, Psapp, Rothko, The Chap, Plaid and A Hawk & A Hacksaw.

NOW could be described as catchy, contemporary, inventive, exotic, melodious, harmonious and disharmonious 21st century pop music.


105. Morgan Fisher - MO 30-1 CUT - 13:44 (320 kbps)

Live improvisation by Morgan Fisher (keyboards/vocals)
(c) Morgan Fisher 2008

This is an excerpt from a live recording of Morgan's Organ #30 at Superdeluxe, Tokyo on July 20, 2006. Morgan's Organ is an ongoing series of monthly solo improvisation concerts by British keyboard player Morgan Fisher, who has lived in Japan since 1985. He has a remarkable collection of rare vintage keyboards. On this recording the following instruments are used:

(photo - MO30-24+23.jpg)

The Morgan's Organ concerts have all been recorded and some are now available on iTunes and other online music sites. They will eventually all be available.

About artist:
(big image)

(big image)

Morgan Fisher was born in London, England, on January 1st, 1950.
1966 - 1970: played the organ with soul / pop band The Soul Survivors, who in 1967 were renamed The Love Affair. They had a number one hit in 1968 with "Everlasting Love".
1972 - 1973: formed progressive rock band Morgan, with singer Tim Staffell (the vocalist with the band Smile, who later became Queen). Recorded two albums and a solo album "Ivories".
1973 - 1976: after a brief liaison with Third Ear Band, joined seminal British rock band, Mott the Hoople, whose biggest hit "All The Young Dudes" was written and produced by David Bowie. The band later became Mott, after singer Ian Hunter left; then with the addition of vocalist John Fiddler from Medicine Head it was renamed British Lions.
1978: set up a home studio and recorded, by himself, the Hybrid Kids album, an experimental/parody/art-punk covers album. A sequel entitled Claws soon followed.
1980: conceived and produced the unique Miniatures album (51 one-minute tracks by Robert Fripp, Gavin Bryars, Michael Nyman, The Pretenders, XTC, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Robert Wyatt, The Damned etc). A sequel was released in 2000. Also recorded his first ambient album, Slow Music, with sax supremo Lol Coxhill.
1982: played with Queen on their 1982 tour of Europe, then took a long break from music and travelled in India and the USA.
1985: moved to Japan, where continued to make ambient and improvised music, and evolved a style of abstract photography he calls Light Painting. Japanese artists he has worked with include Yoko Ono, Dip in the Pool, The Boom, Heat Wave, Kina Shoukichi, Kokoo, Haruomi Hosono of Yellow Magic Orchestra.
2005: collaborated with Austrian musician Hans-Joachim Roedelius (of Cluster and Harmonia) on the ambient album Neverless.
2006: Performed with The Minus 5 and Robyn Hitchcock. Composed music for "A Zen Life", Michael Goldberg's documentary film on D. T. Suzuki, the renowned Zen scholar.
2007: Arranged and sang on a Soft Machine track for the Delta Saxophone Quartet, England's leading contemporary saxophone quartet. Two exhibitions of light paintings in Tokyo.


106. Infinitus Ensemble - The Pink Shoes Of Marie Antoinette are sailing on a Ship of Thoughts

This song has two parts. The first one is rather experimental ambient, the last one is (maybe) experimental Jazz ambient.
To us it's just another MEDUSADA song. We don't care about genres.

This song has been released in a rough demo version without some sounds that you can now hear under a slightly different name on some other NET label this year.
We have re-arranged a few sounds, added new sounds (especially some drum sounds and female back. voices) and did a complete new mix and mastering.
This is now the final version!!!!


107. Model Of The Invisible - Bluffing The Archons - 6:28 (320 kbps)
(United States)

Bluffing The Archons:
Synthesizer | Clavinet | Organ | Electric piano | Guitar | Bass | Congas | Drumset | Percussions


108. Broken Quartet - Popsong (5:00)

on this recording:
Josef Eriksson - guitar
Stefan Larsson - percussion
Martin Welander - percussion

total time: 76:28

cover front CD1
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disk label image CD1 CD1

201. TMK - Les Faiseurs de Zombi - 8:10 (320 kbps)

A blend of jazzy moods, heaviness and ritual electronic music.
JD LaCroix (soft & hardware)
Eve LaCroix (synths)
H:K (guitars)

Recorded, mixed & mastered at KillPop! Studio in November 2008.


202. Benzolnye Mertvecy - v mast - 4:45 (320 kbps)

Benzolnye Mertvecy (Benzol Deadmen) is a Russian jam band, formed in St.Peterburg in 2005. Known for their epileptic live shows and an unbroken stream of releases on indie label Spina rec.

Импровизационный коллектив из Петербурга.
Миша - голос,
Лёша - гитара,
Костя - бас,
Ваня - барабаны,
Илья - саксофон


203. BF - First Meeting Took Place In A Tram - 6:14 (320 kbps)

BF (Beggars Farm)
Live recording "First Meeting Took Place In A Tram" from 2002

Heikki Tikas - bass
Kalle Tikas - electric piano, analog synthesizer
Madis Zilmer - drums
Peep Ojaveski - guitar


204. Phlox - S6jajalgne - 6:30 (320 kbps)

Band members:
Kalle Klein: Saxophone
Raivo Prooso: Bass
Pearu Helenurm: Keyboards
Kristo Roots: Guitar
Madis Zilmer: Drums
Allan Prooso: Percussion

'Phlox' is a fusion/prog rock band from Tallinn, Estonia, formed in 1999 by Kristo Roots (g), Raivo Prooso (perc), Rainer Kapmann (dr) and Priit Holtsmann (b). Although the line up has gone through numerous changes over the years, most of the members usually have close ties with 'MKDK', a jazz-rock/avant garde record label, non-profit organization and movement of artists and musicians, who frequently switch from one band to another, especially between 'Phlox',' BF' and 'Lippajad'. The first album, "Fusion", was recorded in late 2000, shortly after that Priit Luming (sx, cl), Allan Prooso (perc) and Pearu Helenurm (kb) joined the group. During that period the band’s music became more improvisational, from completely deconstructing their own compositions to having shows where they tried to avoid anything resembling rhythmic structures or harmony. In May 2004 the band's second album "Piima" ("Milk") was recorded in the MKDK Studio, with Margo Pajula on drums and Kalle Klein on sax, using strictly vintage analogue equipment. In 2007, with Madis Zilmer of fusion group 'BF' on drums, 'Phlox' completed its latest album to date, "Rebimine + voltimine" ("Tearing and folding"), which saw the band’s return to straightforward tight structured fusion and prog.


205. Populaere Mechanik - Captain B (Track 1) - 3:47 (320 kbps)

"Populaere Mechanik started around 1980 as a group of people who began making music in the second half of the sixties beat, garage, psycedelic. With the advent of punk in the 70ties they found themselves in the situation of being too old for punk and to young to go on playing rock music like punk never happened. So they had to look elsewhere and found inspiration in jazz, avantgarde and electronics. One big influence was Conrad Schnitzler and his Zodiak Free Arts Lab where some of the original mechanics got their first whiff of freely improvised sound."


206. Interkosmos - Edentrip - 7:29 (320 kbps)

Sergio Ceballos (from RIP KC, Spain): Guitar
Bernhard Fasching (from The Blowing Lewinsky, Austria): Drums
Dave Schmidt (Sula Bassana, from Zone Six, Austria): Bass, sounds

Interkosmos is the new intergalactic psychedelic space jam band


207. Morviscous - I've Loved Crocs - 5:45 (320 kbps)
(United Kingdom)

"Morviscous are an instrumental five piece based in London and Paris whose compositions plunder the various genres of the 20th Century with a sensibility that belongs to the idiosyncratic British tradition of popular experimental music. Likened to both heritage artists such as Soft Machine and King Crimson and contemporary acts ala Battles and Don Cabellero, Morviscous interpret the influences around them with a distinctive Englishness that’s rare in today’s musical climate. Bottlenecking through the buffers of both the Jazz and Popular traditions, critics agree that MV are starting to ‘demand your attention".
(Mike Barnes, Mojo 177 August 2008)

Band Members:
Pete Bennie - Jonny Mac - Christian Berg - Adam Coney - Nick Siddall


208. Goat - The High Priestess - 9:45 (320 kbps)
(United States)

Goat is a unique trio combining an exceptional sonic palette with an expansive sense of space and composition. They propel their music forward with a sharp harmonic and rhythmic sensibility, motivic development and a willingness to embrace spontaneity. With a unique arsenal of loops and electronic gadgetry combined with woodwinds, electric guitar and drumset, Goat embarks on a process that spans elements of rock, jazz and modern classical music. Their music is accessible to a large variety of audiences as they combine seemingly
disparate genres of music through an abstract filter, spitting them out into a stark blend, creating a distinctive soundtrack for the imaginations of everyone.

The High Priestess is from Goat's newest CD, /Special Agent/
Greg Sinibaldi - tenor sax and ewi/electronics
Zach Stewart - guitar/electronics
Denali Williams - drums


209. Outward Bound - Intrenclant - 9:28 (320 kbps)

''INTRENCLANT'' from the OUTWARD BOUND is a live recording at St. Marcus Basilica in Iraclion (June 2008, Iraclion-Greece)

Yannis Iliakis : drums He was born in Athens in 1982.He started playing the drums at age 14 in rock bands.In 2001 he started lessons in the Municipal Conservatory of Amarousion-Athens under Nikos Christopoulos.Now he studies under Nikos Sidirokastritis in the Modern Music School of Athens.He has attended lessons & seminars under Simon Goubert, Y.Stavropoulos, Z.Pinakoulakis, Jojo Mayer, V.Karipis, G.Danis and many more. Big influences: Jon Christensen, Tony Oxley, Christian Vander

Dimitris Neonakis : guitar Grew up in Iraklio Crete where at the age of 14 he started playing electric guitar with local bands.At the age of 17 he moves to Athens and begins studying the guitar with Akis Tourkogiorgis and Makis Amplianitis.The past few years he also studies Cretan Laouto. Influences: Akis Tourkogiorgis, Makis Amplianitis, Giannis Spathas, John Mclaughlin, Jeff Beck, Mark Knopfler, Terje Rypdal, traditional Cretan musicians.

Antonis Tsikandilakis : piano He was born in Heraklion (Crete-Greece) in 1979. He has studied the piano under the guidance of Efi Agrafioti, upper theory of music under the tuition of Minas Alexiadis, Panayiotis Adam and Evaggelos Kokkoris, as well as contemporary music with the help of Sami Amiri. What is characteristic of his relation to the piano is the practice of improvisation. In this field of improvisation he co-exists with Dimitris Neonakis,guitarist, and Yannis Iliakis,drummer, working altogether on compositions of the band


210. Nagami Yukitaka - SaSaSa - 3:53 (320 kbps)

About 永見行崇 (Nagami Yukitaka)

Nagami Yukitaka is a piano, organ, percussion player, and composer.
Born: 24 September 1972
Birthplace: Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan

1977: Began playing piano at age 5
1995: Graduated from Kyushu Institute of Design (major in acoustic design)
1996: Began his career as a professional jazz pianist
1998: Moved to New York and learned piano from Barry Harris
1999: Learned to play sabar, a percussion instrument, from Doudou Ndiaye Rose and his family in Senegal
2000: Performed with Cleve Douglass, a jazz vocalist from New York, at Blue Note Fukuoka
2001-2003: Appeared in the musical “The Lion King” by Shiki Theater Company
2004: Appeared on the EBS (Korea) television program “ASIA MUSIC FESTIVAL”
2005: Performed at the opening concert in NGO global village of EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN
2006: Released the first solo album “Michishirube (Milestone)”
Nagami has been playing as a pianist (piano, Hammond organ) mainly in jazz. He also plays various percussion instruments like sabar, the folk instrument in Senegal, and has a great knowledge of folk music in Asia, Africa, Brazil, and Latin America. He has played on several occasions with the local musicians.
He often plays piano improvisations with calligraphers, yoga swamis and other artists in various areas, while working as a member of his own group or as a solo pianist.
He is not only focused on computerized music productions, but actively writes songs for films, radio programs or theaters, making an all-round appeal.

total time: 65:42

cover front CD2
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disk label image CD2 CD2

301. Cédric Piromalli - Bye Bye Blues - 3:26 (320 kbps)

Tune : "Bye bye blues", by Fred Hamm and Dave Bennett

Cédric Piromalli, piano, keyboards.
Improviser and teacher.
Born in 1976, French.
City : Tours
I play different kind of music related to improvisation, in differents bands going from classical jazz to improvised music, experimental, noise or pop/rock.


302. The Stoner - Satan i Uppsala - 4:18 (320 kbps)

Nils Berg - Tenor sax, Bass clarinet, Flute
Jonas Östholm - Piano
Nils Ölmedal - Kontrabas
Jon Fält - Trummor

Since their debut in 2004 The Stoner has released three albums, and grown to something of a creative centre of the new nordic jazz movement. With an outstanding charisma they deal with the jazz tradition with a playfulness inspired rather by The Beatles than John Coltrane.

- A concert with the Stoner should feel like a good thriller. Exciting, beautiful and unpredictable. Although we play encores, you don't get that at the cinemas.
Nils Berg, composer and director of the band, places the music somewhere between The Beach Boys, Broadway and "the good old swedish angst".
- A couple of our new songs are real heart-achers. Maybe we should find ourselves a shrink. Really, we just want to play music that makes people dance...

The Stoner have been touring Sweden extensively, when not on the road in South Africa, Scotland or Russia. The members of the band are far from faithful, two-timing with the swedish jazz elite alongside international stars like Tomasz Stanko, Bobo Stenson and Mando Diao.

“A new kind of jazz” “Music that holds more than it excludes – it has groove, beauty and something almost naïvely affirmative to it” (DN)
“Listening to this makes me stunned and thoroughly happy. How dare they?”
“The Stoner stands at the front, staring the future of Swedish Jazz straight in the eye” (
“Tenor sax player Nils Berg leads the quartet the Stoner with credit. He turns established concepts on their sides, liberated from all that is prestige” “Audiopharmacologic for the people!” (Svd)

Please refer to WWW.THESTONER.COM for sounds, pictures and more info.

303. Jungfrauenjoch - Ham & Eggs - 5:42 (320 kbps)

November 2007 at: Studio, Dieburg, Germany

Band members:
Reinhard Fenkl-Anspach (as)
Guenter Froehlich (g)
James Hergott (b)
Ralph Schloter (dm, kb, comp)

(big image)

JUNGFRAUENJOCH is a german formation that was founded some years ago when three musicians got fed up with traditional/oldtime jazz and dissociated from the NoName Jazzband. An acoustic trio with sax/trumpet, bass and drums quite exceptionally was partly pimped with electronics. After a jazz conceptions workshop in 2005 the MK I instrumentation with Albert Bormuth (ts, tp), James Hergott (b) and Ralph Schloter (dm, kb, comp.) was enhanced by Reinhard Fenkl-Anspach (as) and Guenter Froehlich (g).


304. AG3io Strong and Wrong - Fragmented - 6:17 (320 kbps)

Antoine Guenet : organ, composition
Steven Delannoye : saxophone
Lander Gyselinck : drums

The Strong & Wrong trio was founded in 2008 by pianist/composer Antoine Guenet in order to experiment in complete freedom with music composition and performance. For that purpose, he surrounded himself with two musicians sharing his wish : Steven Delannoye (saxophones) and Lander Gyselinck (drums). Together they are making the fully wrong but strong sound of the modern eclectic punk/free jazz trio.


305. Seesaw Ensemble - Themes and Variations - 12:59 (320 kbps)
(United States)

"Improvised and executed with closed eyes and open heads..."

Band Members:
Zuri Waters (alto sax)
Manny Vega (upright bass)
Preston Swirnoff (piano, percussion, bells, fender rhodes, organ)
David Hurley (Drums, Percussion, Flute/misc. winds, Moog Synth)


306. Bloom K Trio - Nerys & Leo - 13:57 (320 kbps)

Musicians :
Agathe Vitteau, piano
Cédric Lemaire, drums
Sébastien Jeser, doublebass


307. Oli Mayne, Noel Taylor and James O'Sullivan - Flotzon, Jetson, Lagan - 5:06 (320 kbps)
(United Kingdom)

Floating on the surface are fragments of something that once was whole, now swirling and eddying, carried by a motion that sways from turbulence to dead calm.
This is the improvised musical space inhabited by London’s Oli Mayne on Vibraphone, Noel Taylor on clarinet and James’O Sullivan on guitar.

"Any ship, yron, leade, or other goods floating or lying under the water or in the depth, of which there is no possessor or owner, which commonly are called Flotzon, Jetson, and Lagan." (‘Articles concerning the admiralty of England, and the iurisdiction thereof’, 1591)

Flibbity Jibbet

308. LeRatDuBois - LeRatDuBois - 9:04 (320 kbps)

Members of the group:
Thomas Dubois (piano),
David Lara (soprano sax),
Jean Rougier (bass)

Contact link:

309. Arkana Music - Through Sacco's Eyes - 6:54 (320 kbps)

original jazz quartet composition

Ali Berkok - Piano,
Mark Laver - saxophone,
Gord Mowat - bass,
Jake Oelrichs - drums

Arkana Music is noted for its creative risk taking and virtuosity. Russ Cooper of described their debut album, Hyprovisation as "a truly gorgeous discovery packed with remarkable musicianship," and John Book of da bookman's blog said "these guys know how to play with the kind of tenacity which comes from not only knowing your instrument, but knowing how to play music."

Arkana Music is a Toronto based modern jazz quartet focused on improvisation and creative music. All compositions are by Ali Berkok and each piece is written in order to create a different environment, without relying on existing jazz vehicles and devices.

Since its inception, Arkana has performed in many of Toronto's established venues such as the Rex Hotel, Cameron House, Tranzac and the Trane Studio, and newer clubs like the Central and Concord Cafe. Arkana has received airplay on international radio and podcasts, reaching as high as 1 on Calgary's CJSW jazz chart. As well, the band was recently featured as the soundtrack to coverage of Toronto's "Nights of Fire" event.

The beginnings of the band date back to collaborations between Ali and saxophonist Mark Laver, which took place at the Banff Centre For The Arts in 2005. Here, Ali and Mark were introduced to a world of techniques outside of the mainstream. Shortly thereafter, while working in Hong Kong, Ali started working on the initial pieces for the band. Arkana Music first appeared in May 2006 at the Concord Cafe in Toronto.

total time: 67:37

cover front CD3
cover back CD3
disk label image CD3 CD3

401. BLOB - A Fine Cubist Cigar - 2:58 (320 kbps)
(United States)

Recording Date: Aug 5, 2008
This track was recorded at Sertso Studio in Woodstock, NY at the time of their 4th release "You Can't Get There From There".

Ted "Deadly Tedly" Orr - midi guitar
John "Geeze" Lindberg - processed double bass
Harvey "Mudcat" Sorgen - drums
All compositions by Orr/Lindberg/Sorgen
Lindy Publishing Company

BLOB is a psychedelic experimental jam band, that focuses on recording their spontaneously created journeys that embrace a multiplicity of genres, taking their burgeoning legion of followers to exciting, energy and spirit driven spaces with each foray. BLOB is all about the moment, and those moments are eclectic, honest, and heart pounding. It is full-out instrumental playing within a stream of consciousness mindset that speaks to a world in desperate need of this level of immediate expressionism.

The Awakening (2007 out of print)
Halloween (2008 clinical archives)
Quantum Fugue(2008 Lindy Editions)
You Can't Get There From There (2008 unreleased)

Ted "Deadly Tedly" Orr is a renowned guitar virtuoso and an innovator in the arena of midi guitar performance. He has recorded and/or performed with Sly Stone, George Clinton & P-Funk, Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis, Bad Brains, Gary Windo, Karl Berger, Creative Music Sudio Orchestra, Garth Hudson, Ismet Siral, Wadada Leo Smith,
Nana Vasconcelos, Trilok Gurtu, Sonny Murray, Hunter S. Thompson,Buddy Miles, Swollen Monkeys, Stanley Jordan, 420 Funk Mob, CacophonicFunk Mob, Winston Grennan, Futu Futu and others. Ted maintains a parallel career as an audio engineer; a unique talent that has given BLOB its public voice.

John "Geeze" Lindberg has been a seminal figure in the world of creative music for over thirty years, having toured worldwide performing his own work leading ensembles, with the String Trio of New York, and as featured bassist with artists ranging from Anthony Braxton to Wadada Leo Smith. He has released over sixty albums featuring his work. He recently created and produced JazzHopRevolution
with hip-hop emcee Rahman Jamaal.

Harvey "Mudcat" Sorgen has performed and /or recorded with the following artists: Hot Tuna, Ahmad Jamal, Michelle Shocked, Paul Simon, Dewey Redman, Dave Douglas, Mark Feldman, Zakir Hussain, Giovanni Hildago, Wadada Leo Smith, Cameron Brown, Steve Swell, Neil Rolnick, Anthony Braxton, Carter Jefferson, John Stubblefield, Brenda Buffalino, Honi Coles, Daunik Lazro, Todd Reynolds, Derrick Trucks, Roswell Rudd, Phil Lesh, David Torn, The Memphis Pilgtims, Bill Frisell, Fonda/Stevens Group, Carlos Santana, Dry Jack, Art Lande, John D'Earth, NRBQ, Bob Weir, Greg Allman, Marcel Monroe, The
Mallards, Sorgen-Rust-Windbiel Trio, Jack DeJohnette, Dave Samuels, Drew Gress, Tony Levin, Pete Levin, Garth Hudson, Jimmy Vivino, among many others.


e-mail: blob(at)blobmusic(dot)com

402. Wozzeck - Man haut auch sein Fleish und Blut! - 9:43 (320 kbps)

Wozzeck was born on the 11th of September 2007 during the first studio session which became the album actually. The trio exceeds the limits of experimental music using some elements of free improv, free jazz, noise, ambient, psychedelia and even metal. They try not to lose composition ideas nevertheless. Being followers of John Zorn's Painkiller, Zu & Diskaholics Anonymous Trio the musicians create their unique musical world where everyone can find a bit of themselves.

Ilia Belorukov – alto saxophone, electronics
Mikhail Ershov – bass-guitar
Pavel Mikheev – drums


403. PHAT - The Great Puragtory of Dead Porn Stars - 9:45 (320 kbps)

More infos about track :
CD: La Grande Peste
Label: Insubordinations [insub26]
Date: 2008

PHAT is an ENERGIC Free-Rock/Free-Jazz/Noise "power trio" founded in october 2006 with Fabien Duscombs (drums, percussion), Marc Perrenoud (basses) et Heddy Boubaker (alto & bass saxophones). It reinvents and re adapts the mixture of the styles with an extreme joy for the most curious and fondest ears of delicacies about "out-of-limits" sound experiments .


404. Pulsanti - to name - 10:09 (320 kbps)

Renato Ciunfrini: theremin, voice, saxophones, clarinets, viola, live electronics
Dario Fariello: alto, tenor and soprano saxophones, electric viola, electric guitar, glockenspiel, objects/percussions
Filippo Giuffrè: eclectic guitar, devices, objects, circuit bending, live electronics
Enrico Malatesta: drums


405. konstruKt - Kontrol - 3:44 (320 kbps)

Korhan Arguden - drums
Özün Usta - percussion
Umut Caglar - guitar/electronics
Korhan Futaci - reeds/fx

Kontrol is recorded by konstruKt in istanbul in June, 2008 during the sessions for the album "maki" which is released through their home label re:konstruKt, this month.


406. Crash Trio - Vischio - 13:28 (320 kbps)

Edoardo Marraffa: tenor and sopranino saxophones
Chris Iemulo: guitar
Stefano Giust: drums

Recorded live at Crash, Bologna, February 24th 2008.

Crash Trio is a trio of free improvised music. The musicians involved are all experienced and very active in field of improvisation. They worked in many different projects, performing their art, over the years, in theatres, art galleries, universities, schools, concert halls, jazz clubs, social centres, both in Italy and abroad. The trio was born thanks to the Iemulo’s experimental project NeverMetBefore that put together, for the first time, in a live performance, new ensemble of musicians. Recently has been published by the Italian label Setola di Maiale the album Live at Crash, recorded live in January the 2008.


407. Trio Lio - Coure - [fragment] - 4:38 (320 kbps)

Como no podia ser de mejor manera tratándose de un grupo de improvisación libre, Trio Lio se formó casi aleatoriamente durante el Festival Homenaje al fallecido músico japonés, residente en Barcelona, Hiroshi Kobayashi en mayo de 2007 a raíz de la actuación de Albert Giménez, con quien a última hora unieron fuerzas el bateria Quicu Samsó y el trompetista Xavier Tort, que tambien participaban cada uno con sus respectivos proyectos: el primero con Aixònoéspànic y los ocasionales Com Més Va, donde coincidía con el segundo. Así pues, se podría decir que Trio Lio, liderado por Albert Giménez (donde toca la guitarra clásica), tan solo existen en escena, desentendiéndose de cualquier noción de ensayo buscando en la aventura de la improvisación más descarnada el desarrollo del diálogo y, con ello, evidenciando el summum de un único lenguaje posible: el musical. Aún teniendo en cuenta su reciente formación, ya cuentan con el primer testimonio de su idiosincrasia: su primer disco "Òxid/Coure" (Autoeditado, 2007). El trío lo lidera el veterano guitarrista Albert Giménez, cuya larga trayectoria le ha visto formando parte de bandas experimentales como Neuronium (con un álbum junto a Nico de Velvet Underground), Macromassa y Suck Electrònic, llevando desde entonces una prolífica obra en solitario de nada menos que dieciocho álbumes. Asimismo, Quicu Samsó, el bateria, ha sido miembro de Moisés Moisés, Obmuz, Macromassa y Koniec, así como colaborador de John Zorn y Pascal Comelade. El trompetista Xavier Tort, además de llevar una larga trayectoria componiendo música para cine, militó en bandas como La Orquesta de la Muerte, Giulia y los Tellarini y La Lidia, y ha colaborado con Damo Suzuki (Can), The Linn Youki Project y un largo plantel de bandas independientes de Barcelona.


408. F.R.I.C.S. - O Nevoeiro Foi Testemunha - 5:48 (320 kbps)

Fanfarra Recreativa e Improvisada Colher de Sopa / F.R.I.C.S. is a psychedelic improvised marching band from Portugal that brings together musicians from areas like jazz, death metal, improvised music, salsa and indian music.


409. Non Jazz - Mater Pervicax - 12:47 (320 kbps)

Composer: Nicandro Tamez
Guitar and Electronic devices: Omar Tamez

Jazz, improvisation and exploration with styles and ethnic sounds.
Avant garde. Contemporary music and Improvised music.

total time: 72:59

cover front CD4
cover back CD4
disk label image CD4 CD4

501. Evgeny Makarov - Wave 2 - 4:04 (320 kbps)

Evgeny Makarov was born in Smolensk, Russia, in 1970. At the age of 15, he started playing the guitar. But he really forms himself playing blues and rock music. His start in free improvisation dates from a tour in Germany in 1995 with the jazz quartet formed by his father Vladislav (who was one of the pioneers in the field of free improvisation during the pre perestroika period.), "the Vladislav Makarov Quartet". During the next ten years, he divides his time between theatre and music, he goes on a training course to become an actor at the Dramatic Art Institute of Smolensk and receives his diploma in 1992.
Since 2002, he has started composing. In particular he composed for a young French poet who performed in Berlin in the "Slam Poetry" evenings.

Together with Vladislav Makarov and Valia Chesnais, a group has been launched by Evgeny - the "New Russian Project". The group played at the "Mudd club" in Berlin and recorded an album "Hot Summer in Berlin Live ".

At the end of the year 2003, he completed his first solo album "Eleguitarycally" ,and composes for a theatre-dance show, "Das alte Kind". Among his latest projects should be Xtra-trio with Paul Scwingenschlög and "Trio Corteg" with Alexei Borisov and Valia Chesnais Among other Makarov' collaborations are the joint projects with the Henry Kaiser, Gary Lucas(USA), Edgard Hirt, M.Veborg(Germany), Gilles Aubry (Switzerland), Markus Godwyn (England) Andrei Izdebski (Poland), Mark Sarazzy (France) Nikolai Rubanov, Dmitri Kahovski, Alexei Borisov, Andrej Bavtchenkov ,Ildar Harissov (Russia ), Anton Nikkila (Finland), Sören Roulf (Sweden), Raul Colosimo (Italy). Evgeny also collaborates with the artist Viktor Nikolaev and dancer Andrey Beresin (Pina Bausch group).
Also Evgeny taking part at such wellknown international festivals as SKIF (SPB/Moscow 2004 - 2006), 100 Crad (Berlin 2003), TABU ( Berlin 2007)


502. Hernani Faustino - Drizzle - 4:22 (320 kbps)

A self-taught musician. Start playing electric bass in 1979 in rock bands such as: Spray; Mandrax; Aix-la-Chapelle; Farinha Master; Cafe Bagdad and K4 Quadrado Azul (wins the national contest from Instituto Português da Juventude/New Culture Values in 1988). Work with theatre company "O Olho" in the play "El - Levando-os aos Ombros em Passo de Marcha Sincopada ao Quarto Tempo (Honor Mention from the award Maria Helena Perdigão, ACARTE, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 1992). Since 1990 change to the doublebass and concentrated only in improvised music, free jazz and electro acoustic.

NEW PROJECT COMING ON JANUARY 2008 RED trio with Rodrigo Pinheiro_piano and Gabriel Ferrandini_drums

Colaborations: Variable Geometry Orchestra directed by Ernesto Rodrigues/Rodrigo Amado/ Rafael Toral Space Trio/Anisotropus/A Parte Maldita/Gail Brand/Bryan Eubanks/Jon Raskins/Wade Matthews/Bechir Saade/Neil Davidson/Carl Ludwig Hubsch/Heddy Boubaker/Nusch Werchowska/Mathias Pontévia/Mathieu Wechowski/ Katsura Yamauchi/Mats Gustafsson/Matt Bauder/Taylor Ho Bynum/Virginia Genta/David Vanzan/Chris Corsano and Nikolaus Gerszewski.

K4 Quadrado Azul "K4 Quadrado Azul [Mini Lp, 1990]
Feedback 001 (Two tracks with K4 Quadrado Azul) [Lp, 1990]
Johnny Guitar Ao Vivo (One track with Cafe Bagdad) [Cd, Johnny Rec 1995]
100% Antena3 (One track with Cafe Bagdad) [Cd, Música Alternativa,1995]
Collection d'Univers Spontanés - (One track with VGO live at the Bomba Suicida" [Cd Insubordinations, 2006]
Potlatch "The Rrose Sélavy Show" [Cd Insubordinations, 2007]
Variable Geometry Orchestra "Stills" [Cd, Creative Sources, 2007]
Sonic Scope 2008 "Live At Fonoteca Municipal de Lisboa - (One track with RED trio [Cd, Grain of Sound 22]


503. Andrij Orel - Ringo Quartz - 6:55 (320 kbps)

Andrij Orel (Lviv, Ukraine) improvises quiet/loud Ernst Jandek style blues using mostly a $0 third world guitar and otherwooden things. Played/performed with Yuri Yaremtchuk, The Moglass, Andrey Kiritchenko and Vlad Makarov. Periodically writes for ukrainian left-field music magazines. First solo disc "Nezvanova Nova III" (2008) out on Nezvanova Nova label.


504. Kaido Yutaka - Seven Currents - 3:21 (320 kbps)

Kaido Yutaka was born in Tokyo, Japan.
He began to play piano at the age of 5, and began to play electric bass at the age of 16.
Then, he is performing jazz, popular music and improvised music.


e-mail :

505. Vlad Makarov - Triptych - 13:58 (320 kbps)
[Prat 1 - Big Cello - 4:16, Part 2 - Big Guitar - 4:50, Part 3 - Mix - 4:50]

"Vlad MAKAROV – is the free improv musician, painter and improviser cello & guitar. He is the pioneer of Russian new improvised music and Russian alternative art. From the different styles; free improvisation, contemporary classic, new jazz, experimental, noise, electro-acoustic music - Makarov’s aesthetic is not postmodernism but the authentic own language for making the art whole. Worked with both Russian and Western alternative music stars; Chris Cutler, Fred Frith, Shelley Hirsch, Henry Kaiser, Phil Minton, LaDonna Smith, Maggie Nicols, Alex Kolkovsky, Vladimir Miller, Ives Robert, Didier Petit, Marc Sarrazy, Jacques Siron, Dror Feiler, Marcus Eichenberger, Mich Gerber, Tomasz Stanko, Erhard Hirt, Alfred Harth, Dror Feiler, Ryoji Hojito a.o. and so Sergey Kuryokhin, S.Letov, Sainkho, V.Ponomareva, V.Gayvoronsky, A.Nesterov, V.Dudkin, A.Aigui, M.Yudenich, N.Sudnik, E.Sivkov, A.Borisov, N.Rubanov, Y.Yaremchuk, D. Kachovsky, R.Stolyar, Ilia Belorukov o.a. …emotional pressure tragic freedom."


506. Adam Pultz Melbye - Barrage - 2:10 (320 kbps)

Recorded by Oscar Foss, 17th of April 2008.
Mixed by Adam Pultz Melbye.

Adam Pultz Melbye is a Danish double bass player, living in Copenhagen. He is a member of the record company Barefoot Records and has contributed to four records on this label. His playing can be heard in many different constellations, from the trios Melbye/Berre/Brötzmann (featuring the legendary German freejazz pioneer Peter Brötzmann), Jesper Zeuthen 3 and the acoustic free-metal of Sieben/Berre/Melbye to Maria Faust Group and Russian saxophone player Lenny Senderskiy’s Mixture.


507. Dots & Lines - Live At 10th Anniversary - 14:22 (320 kbps)

Roman Stolyar - piano, melodica, flutes
Ilia Belorukov - alto & baritone saxophones, fluteophone, flute
Andrey Popovskiy - acoustic guitar

Formed in August 2007 during the work on its first album, Dots & Lines is a creative project appeared as a result of collaboration of Siberian pianist and composer Roman Stolyar and improvisers from Saint Petersburg – saxophonist Ilia Belorukov and guitarist Andrey Popovskiy. Participants of the trio have different professional background and experience, but the tendency to construct their spontaneous improvisations in a way which combines freedom of self-expression with attention to its shape and extreme contact between musicians is the thing which unites them deeply. The music vocabulary of Dots & Lines is a mixture of new classical music, contemporary jazz and ethnic sounds; their intuitive compositions are both expressive and intelligent. The first public appearance of the trio has happened in December 2007 at Jazz.Ru festival in Moscow, and its album has been released on Siberian label Ermatell Records.


508. Big Jip - Cretaceous - 5:59 (320 kbps)

Jean-Philippe Feiss: cello, effects


509. Tony Renner - Irk Bee Delay - 5:05 (320 kbps)
(United States)

"Irk Bee Delay" an improvisation for solo electric guitar.

Tony Renner is a musician and artist from St. Louis, Missouri.

"Irk Bee Delay" originally came out on Echolocation Recordings in 2008 on a release entitled "ANAGRAMS: A Tribute to Derek Bailey."


510. Knyaz Mishkin - Den Pogranca [2002] - 4:08 (320 kbps)

L. Narushevich - guitar
V. Bashkov - bas
V. Semashko - klarnet

Knyaz Mishkin - music band of intuition improvisation.


511. Stringtrek - Krakov Concerto - 7:25 (320 kbps)
(United States)

Stringtrek recorded Krakov Concerto live in Krakow in June of 2007, it is released in 2008 on Transmuseq Records in 2008

LaDonna Smith - viola, violine voice,
Misha Feigin, classical guitar, voice and poetry

"STRINGTREK Alabama native violinist/violist LaDonna Smith and Russian born, now Kentuckian guitarist, Misha Feigin have rustled and ripened into a sympatico of old soul kindreds, thrashing the bushes, vibrating violas, painting portraits from rhythms and words, from out of the deeps of Russian to the southern soil and the homelands of dreams, and longing for the trails that lead to floating bridges and yokel yens. This new collaboration is called STRINGTREK."

total time: 71:45

cover front CD5
cover back CD5
disk label image CD5 CD5

601. No School - Shorter Piece 2 - 7:28 (320 kbps)

Jörgen Adolfsson - altsax, sopransax
Andreas Hedwall - trombone
Niklas Korssell - drums
Gustav Nygren - tenorsax, guitar

No school is a trio (sometimes quartet) from Stockholm/Sweden who´s been working in the field of music known as free improvised music, on and off since 2001.

The members of No School are:
Niklas Korssell plays drums/cymbals and crap, born 1973 has been playing drums ever since. Plays almost every style of music. Maybe most know for his work with swedish popgroup "The Plan" or maybe not. Played with improvmasters Mats Gustafsson and Dror Feiler.

Jörgen Adolfsson plays soprano and alto sax, born 1951, very famous jazzmaster since the 70´s. Played with groundbreaking swedish freejazz group "ISKRA" and played even more out there music with "Archimedes badkar". Has also worked with Don Cherry and many more. Grandfather of swedish improv!

Andreas Hedwall plays trombone, born in the 60´s sometime. Has played improvised music since he was a teenager and has also played alot of kletzmer music with his group "Sabbat hela veckan".


602. Christophe de Bezenac - Three Timbres - 4:16 (320 kbps)
(United Kingdom)

Biography: Christophe de Bezenac is a French experimental saxophonist and researcher based in the UK. After studying contemporary improvised musics and composition at the Strasbourg conservatoire, he went to Indonesia to learn West Javanese and Balinese gamelan where he became interested in the perceptual ambiguity of music. Christophe then moved to the UK where he completed a Masters and Doctorate (Improvising Ambiguity: An Ecological Approach to Music-Making) at the University of Leeds, whilst lecturing and becoming actively involved in the music scene. His present research – which draws from ecological psychology, cognitive neuroscience, ethnomusicology and his own performance practice – examines the psychological and physiological mechanisms which promote delusions/illusions of control (leading to the perceptual blurring of self) in music-making. Christophe's related musical interests lie at the fringes of European improvisation, jazz, gamelan, DIY and electroacoustic music. He has performed at numerous international contemporary music and jazz festivals/venues around Europe, collaborating with artists from diverse musical backgrounds, including Christian Sebille, Marc Ducret, Simon Fell, David Murray, Ken Vandemark, Paul Hession, Matthew Bourne, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Frank Vigroux, Chris Sharkey and Dave Kane.


603. John Hughes / Lars Scherzberg / Nicolas Wiese - Eleven's Sake - 8:50 (320 kbps)

Recorded by Gilles Aubry at Vivaldisaal, Berlin, June 2008
mixed by Nicolas Wiese at Hyphacility, Berlin, Nov. 2008

(big image)

John Hughes - Double Bass
Lars Scherzberg - Sopranino Saxophone
Nicolas Wiese - Electroacoustics

Exclusive track for the «Clinical Jazz» compilation
edited from the public recording sessions
for the CD «Discard Hidden Layers?» (Schraum08)
released Dec. 2008

Completely improvised. No overdubs.

All electroacoustic sound material
generated from Hughes / Scherzberg tapes.

604. Brainville Desperados - Mikkos - 8:35 (320 kbps)

Ove Volquartz, tenor-&sopranosaxophone, bassclarinet
Andreas Düker, git, electronics
Martin Tschoepe, bass
Christian Dreher, drums, perc. & all kinds of sounds

Recorded 17.01.2008


605. Yuri Yaremchuk - Fragment №1 - 6:53 (320 kbps)

(For prepered piano, Bb clarinet, tenor sax and percussions)

Yaremchuk Yuriy Grigorevich was born in 1951 in Novokuznetsk (Russia). Today he resides in Lviv, Ukraine.
In 1978 he completed the Saxophone Class at Jazz Performance Department at Rostov Institute of Art. He performed in Kim Nazaretov’s big band as an instrumentalist.
Yaremchuk is both a composer and an instrumentalist; he plays tenor-sax, soprano-sax, clarinet, percussion, piano; he is a master of voice performance as well. He is working in different genres (free jazz, contemporary music, improvised music), contemporary technique of sax play (multiphone, slap, double staccato). He can be recognized by his bright sound and brisk technique; in his solo concerts he prefers free improvisation with the use of contemporary playing technique.
His music has sufficient rhythm and melody; it is full of humor and philosophy. Yuriy Yaremchuk wrote music for theater, participated in numerous avant-garde performances with artists, actors and modern dancers.

In different projects he performed together with a number of famous jazz musicians: Claudia Binder and Marcus Eichenberger (Switzerland); Jim Menesis, Ray Andersen, Fred Frith, William Parker, Hamid Drake and Rob Brown (USA); Klaus Kugel, Heinz-Erich Godecke and Hans Shutler, Alex Nowic, Vladimir Chekasin, Arkadij Shilkloper (Germany); Vladimir Miller (GB); Dror Feiler (Sweden); Tatashi Endo (dancer, Japan); Sainho Namchilak (Irland); Ezas Mikashys and Vladimir Tarasov (Lithuania); Vyacheslav Nazarov, German Lukyanov, Vladimir Volkov, Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky, Andrei Razin, Sergey Letov, Vladimir Makarov, Mikhail Zhukov (Russia); Alexander Nesterov (Ukraine); Ken Wandermark and Tim Daysi (USA) and many others.
A participant of numerous jazz festivals, happenings, events, fests of new improvised music.


606. Per Gärdin - Esoteric - 7:23 (320 kbps)

Track "Esoteric" is an overdubbed piece for 2 soprano saxophones, recorded in Hägersten, Stockholm.

Per Gärdin: Soprano and alto saxophones, improviser, composer. Works in improvising and jazz contexts, based in Stockholm, Sweden.


607. The Rick Jensen Trio - The Oddly Shaped Room - 6:48 (320 kbps)
(United Kingdom)

Recorded live at The Vortex Jazz club in London, UK 15/6/08
Rick Jensen-Tenor Sax
Phil Somervell-Piano
Colin Somervell-Bass
Paul May-Percussion

About The Rick Jensen Trio:
The Rick Jensen Trio was started in 1999, We are an improvising group, all of our music is spontaneous, making every performance completely unique. Many different musicians have played with the band, some only once and others have stuck around for a couple of years. Originally formed in Wellington, New Zealand, we are now based London and there are various musicians who come and go from the group, the line-up can change with each performance.The group isn't always a trio but thats usually what it works out to be. We've experimented with all kinds of combinations and instrumentation, often dictated by who was around and able to perform.The group has been as large as 6 and as small as 2. We are essentially a live band and perform as often as possible. We have 16 releases most of which were released in limited edition CDRs and are no longer in print, currently available is "A Fundamental Problem"(available for download from ) "High Tension" a limited CDR and 4 older releases are still available from Postmoderncore records. We are currently working on future releases. Rick is also a member of I-C-E an improvising clarinet ensemble, Nova Scotia a free form abstract trio, The Radioactive Ensemble an international music/art collective and performs in other collaborative projects. He is a photographer and has had over 20 exhibitions in NZ and the U.K. and is currently working on publishing his first book.


608. Blaise Siwula & Sten Hostfalt - Stain Boogie - 9:42 (320 kbps)
(United States)

Recording made recently at The Stain in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 20th, 2008. This is a duet -Blaise Siwula alto sax and Sten Hostfalt guitar. This is best described as free form jazz. We have been perofrming for the past year in and around NYC.


609. David O'Connor - A Good Engine - 9:59 (320 kbps)
(United Kingdom)

Anyway, music information. Its a solo baritone piece called "A Good Engine". The title is a phrase used by a friend in describing the baritone saxophone and as I wanted to dedicate the piece to Harry Carney of the Ellington orchestra, the main reason I play baritone, it seemed even more fitting. Although it is predominantly improvised, it does have two structural elements. The first is trying to ensure that the developments in the piece are distinct and in some unrelated to what has gone before, an attempt to echo what Carney was playing with Ellington and how the pieces would change from blues, to swing, to ballads and so on, though the changes in my piece aren't necessarily based on those musical ideas. The second element is the use of phrases from 'Sophisticated Lady' throughout as a springboard for the improvisation, given this was the tune that Harry Carney was most known for playing. I suppose, in a way, this piece also gives a slight nod to Mr Ellington, an inspiration, direct or otherwise, to those of us who play jazz related music."

David O'Connor is London based sax player/flautist who is open to invention and is very fond of cats and ducks.


610. Mimesys - Wood 1008 - 6:00 (320 kbps)

Michele Spanghero : doublebass
Ugo Boscain : contrabass clarinet

The project MIMESYS was born from the common interest of the two Italian musicians Michele Spanghero (double-bass) and Ugo Boscain (contrabass clarinet) for the low pitched and unusual sounds. The Mimesys Duo is mainly concerned with improvised music, using a language within classical contemporary music and european jazz. Great importance is given to the timbric experimentation and to the uncommon sonorities produced by the instruments through the use of extended techinques. The sounds are convulsively brought to a musical and emotional mimetic absorbtion (therefore the name Mimesys for the duo).

total time: 75:52

cover front CD6
cover back CD6
disk label image CD6 CD6

701. Scissor Shock - I Have A Question About Nietzche - 2:35 (320 kbps)
(United States)

Scissor Shock is a noise band from Columbus, Indiana who is mainly focused on creating something interesting and new, usually incorporating insanely complex song structures that don't really make any sense but would be impossible for a human to pull off... but, somehow, I do it!! And there used to be lots of screaming. Scissor Shock started life as a domain for 45-second rock songs with 300 time changes. Then, it started to just become this crazed jazz explosion of quiet/loud crashing and music that was impossible to follow. Now, it's progressive no wave noise with broken instruments. Neat, eh? Adam Cooley (RUINHORSE, Stagedive Suicide, Ranger Raccoon, Knife Big, etc...) is basically the only full-t.


702. [Br]om - Spolz - 4:35 (320 kbps)

Александр Жемчужников - саксофон;
Кирилл Герасимов - голос, эффекты;
Дмитрий Лапшин - бас;
Ольга Носова - барабаны.

Молодая московская группа, стремящаяся растворять в горячей кружке радикального джаза кусочки рафинада из шума и импровизации.

Alexander "fle" Zhemchuzhnikov - tenor sax
Kirill Gerasimov - voices & effects
Dmitry "Prig" Lapshin - bass
Olga Nosova - drums

Young band from Moscow melting noisy improvised sugarcubes in coffee mug of radical jazz


703. Magical Unicellular Music [Solntsetsvety] - Kamen Part One (Track 2) - 14:55 (320 kbps)

Magical Unicellular Music (V.O.M. – В.О.М.) – the project was started in 2004 by Solntsetsvety (Солнцецветы) artistic group in Minsk (Belarus). Solntsetsvety are famous for their explosive psychedelic performances and especially bold sound experiments that paradoxically mix primitivistic lo-fi and delicate sound-work, vital juices of afro-american music and visions of Vienna symphonists. All this mash up happens within the formal frame of a standard rock band line-up (almost standard, except for the use of radio and noise pickups), and just maybe, somewhere in the distance one could catch a glimpse of that notoriously famous ‘russian soul’.

Magical Unicellular Music is a desperate attempt to form and deliver somewhat valid shape of the ever-evading fabric of life. The result turned out to be simple, even primitive. Basically it turned out as protest against time, against continuous loss of memory and manic desire for changes. This manic craving for constant changes so familiar to all of us probably is the factor that makes human beings not take notice of objects and phenomena that require some in-depth study. One shouldn’t mix V.O.M. with most of the psychedelic culture, that is frequently filled with memory loss – V.O.M. suggests remembering. Remembering as much as one can, bit by bit. This is true, primitive music.

Several bands simultaneously function in the context of the Magical Unicellular Music project in different cities – V.O.M. III and V.O.M. V in Minsk, V.O.M. IV in Moscow.

704. Limbo - Beginning Part 2 - 6:15 (320 kbps)

Limbo strolls on the thin line between music and noise. We called our music style "Spontaneous Sound Fiction". Because when we're creating our music, we're feeding from our soul, thoughts at that moment. All of songs and performances are totally improvised.

Arists :
Giray Gürkal (Guitar, Sounds, Objects)
Utku Tavil (Drums, Synth, Sounds)

705. Joao Filipe - An Endless Revolution - 4:07 (320 kbps)

Composed and performed by J. Filipe
Recorded in Porto, Portugal, 2008

"Joao Filipe is a Portuguese percussionist and experimental musician with explorations and participations within several genres of music production. From punk-rock, industrial, electro-acoustic experimentalism, ambient, jazz, his influences seem as diverse as his work.
Now, with his solo adventure, the idea is to explore to the maximum the percutive potencial of objects and unusual instruments, with techniques that are not very common.
Almost as a mind game of tensions and empty spaces, his compositions flow along the improvised and the organized, layer by layer, until they reach a final form... or something that appears to be one!"


706. Sabrina Siegel - Chihuahua - 2:51 (320 kbps)
(United States)

"Chihuahua" is a "situationist" improvised work in which Siegel plays electric guitar along with the two chihuahuas present in the room.


707. Stefano Giust / Vittorino Curci - Ein Karton als Decke - 7:26 (320 kbps)

Stefano Giust: drums, laptop
Vittorino Curci: alto sax

Stefano Giust was born in Switzerland, in 1968, he is a self-taught musician, improviser, performer and composer of electronic/acousmatic music. He has started to recording his music at the age of 14. Since that period he has recorded 76 albums, as a leader and co-leader, with projects of improvisation, avant-jazz and electronic music. His work develops into many different experimental achievements, in which improvisation and indeterminate music hold a central role. He looks upon contemporary improvisation as an open process compatible with any idiom and musical situation. Among others he has played with Gianni Gebbia, Luc Ex, Vincenzo Vasi, Roy Paci, Roberto Bellatalla, Edoardo Marraffa, Andy Diagram, Sakis Papadimitriou, Edoardo Ricci, Patrizia Oliva, Carlo Actis Dato, Xabier Iriondo, Renato Ciunfrini, Gianni Lenoci, Roberto Ottaviano, Luca Miti; with projects Camusi, Crash Trio, Blistrap (UK), Ògun, Papiers Collés, Ipersensity, L'Amorth Duo, Rediffusion (UK), Gbur and many others. He has toured Italy, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenja, Belgium. As acousmatic/electronic composer, some of his works have been used and commissioned by experimental film directors and video-artists like Gorazd Krnc, Toni Mestrovic, Alessandro Amaducci, Sammlerfamilie/Filoart, Fabrizio Personeni, Tullio De Gennaro, Renzo Cevro-Vukovic, Giovanni Andreotta, Soda, Iris Ollschewski and others. In 1993 he founded the radical label Setola di Maiale - unconventional music, a catalogue of avant-garde musicians that today has produced about 140 discs and involved about 200 musicians.
Vittorino Curci is a musician, writer and festival promoter. He has played with Joëlle Léandre, Gianluigi Trovesi, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Steve Lacy, Yves Robert, Peter Kowald, Gunther Sommer, Conny Bauer, Evan Parker, Maggie Nicols, Sergej Kuryokhin, Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky, Pino Minafra, Roberto Ottaviano, Gianni Lenoci, Marcello Magliocchi, Eugenio Colombo, Mario Schiano, Antonello Salis, Ernst Reijseger and more.


708. Christopher Hoffman - Dissipative Structure - 2:49 (320 kbps)
(United States)

solo electric tenor banjo

Multifaceted cellist, engineer & producer Christopher Hoffman has perfomed or recorded with Needers & Givers, Pagoda, Ryan Scott, Clare Muldaur, Christina Courtin, Ryan Adams, John Zorn, Haale Devotchka, Henry Threadgill, John Ellis, Anat Cohen, Jenny Scheinman, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Butch Morris, Nate Wooley, Otomo Yoshide, Teddy Thompson, Dar Williams, Scott Rosenberg, Young Love, Anistar, Mat Maneri and Elizabeth & The Catapult.


709. The Moglass - Oct. 4, 2008 (excerpt) - 4:26 (320 kbps)

(alto-sax, drums, el-guitar, synth, violin)

"The Moglass is an experimental/improvising/personalfolk band from Ukraine.
We have recorded for Nexsound, PseudoArcana and U-Sound Archive labels, toured with Jackie-O Motherfucker and My Cat Is An Alien, collaborated with Tom Carter&Vanessa Arn, Andrey Kiritchenko and Anla Courtis. After nine years of activity (1997-2006) we took a two-years sabbatical. But now we return with a new material, new energies and new self-operated label 'Nezvanova Nova'."


710. Outfind - Implausible - 8:05 (320 kbps)
(United States)

Recorded on cassette. very lo-fi.
Charles Pagano - drums
Carl Webb - guitar, painting
total time: 58:02

cover front CD7
cover back CD7
disk label image CD7 CD7

801. Ilton JN - Lucid Touch - 5:20 (320 kbps)
(United Kingdom)

'Ilton JN attempts to combine the sounds of techno with the methodology of improvisation and the form of pop.
Please be in touch if you would like to hear more:
www.myspace com/iltonjoan

802. John Ferguson - Sunday at STEIM - 6:54 (320 kbps)
(United Kingdom)

John Ferguson is an electronic musician. His work is inspired by notions of instability, and focuses on tactile approaches to the live manipulation of audio/visual materials. Predicated on listening and real-time(re)negotiation, his combinations of hacked electronics, wireless gaming controllers and custom software/mechanical systems are frequently loud and exuberant. But the resistance inherent within these instrumental ecologies significantly affects the compositional process, raising issues of causality, agency and legibility, whilst foregrounding ambiguity as an alternative to functionalism in interface design.


803. Diatribes + Patricia Bosshard - 281108B-TIVOLI16 - 10:36 (320 kbps)

d'incise: laptop & objects
cyril bondi: drums, percussions
patricia bosshard: violin & electronic

Diatribes is a free improve bande from Geneva, CH. Created in 2004 as trio, it became a duo+guest(s) in 2008. They are as influenced by 70's freejazz as by contemporay & electroacosutic improvisation, and stand on a strong libertarian statement. Diatribes is the home-band from INSUBORDINATIONS netlabel.

Patricia Bosshard is violin player from Lausanne, CH. SHe is involved in many projects with electronic musicians and video artists.

804. Wormhole - Steaming Priest - 2:34 (320 kbps)
(United Kingdom)

John Ferguson (electric guitar and live electronics)

Bennett Hogg (violin)

805. Pleasure-Drenching Improvers - Big Fiberglass Guide - 07:40 (320 kbps)
(United Kingdom)

A freely-improvised piece of musique-concrete
performed straight to open stereo mic by:

Pleasure-Drenching Improvers, who are:
THF Drenching - Dictaphones
Sonic Pleasure - Bricks


806. Vortex - No title 01 - 4:53 (320 kbps)

Vortex is an improvised music duo.
This discreet duo had more than 5 years age.

Sebastien Cirotteau
Heddy Boubaker


807. Сlimnoizer - Noizerfunk - 8:30 (320 kbps)

details: produced, composed and performed by Luca Canciello

Luca Canciello (aka Climnoizer) is a neapolitan polystrumentist musician and composer, who lives in Berlin. He blends a classical formation with a rock background, love for jazzrock, funk and above all sound research, working for years in the italian and european underground scene like musician, producer and sound designer.
His solo project is named Climnoizer.
In this project he melts down all his music influences, playing several instruments like electric guitar, synthguitar, ashbory silicon bass, el. pianos, keys & synths, manipulating sounds and programming drums, writing meticulously rhythm textures in order to give a human feel to the beat.
The final risult is an extreme electronic and noizy sound stained with funk, rock and jazzrock colours.


808. Zaoum - Live At The Lapin Vert, Lausanne, Switzerland - 3:08 (320 kbps)
(France, Switzerland)

Dragos Tara (doublebass)
Sébastien Roux (live electronics)

ZAOUM is a form of russian futurist sound poetry from the beginning of the 20th century.
The word « Zaoum » is a cross between the russian prefix za- (beyond) and the noun um (mind) and means « trans-mental ». Zaoum knows neither grammatical rules, semantical conventions , nor style norms.
This absence of rules is the starting-block of the duo ZAOUM, that brings together Dragos Tara (doublebass) and Sébastien Roux (live electronics).
This duo feeds off of mutual parasiting:
The electronics absorb the sounds of the doublebass and supply the bass with a sonic environnement that influences its improvisations, in a perpetual mouvement.
In this vicious cercle , sounds get dirty, are washed, loose their original colors before being dyed, are wrung, rarely softened, before starting a new cycle.
The recordings crashes into the synthesized sounds, before bouncing off the doublebass and its sonic clones.
The way sound fills space, wanders in it, intrigues ZAOUM, which comes in two shapes:

for small places: small rooms, flats, kitchens, bathrooms: small sound system (min 4 lap-top speakers, or radios)

for bigger venues our outdoors: Stronger sound system (min 2 loudspeakers)

Dragos Tara
Sébastien Roux

809. Brian Schorn - Deviations I - 5:05 (320 kbps)
(United States)

Graphic Score
(for Performer #5)
(big image)

Performance Instructions
Each performer must select a path from the central home point to one of the five destination points. Each path is different and varies from a straight, direct path to a labyrinthine, indirect path. Each performer should select a path most suitable to them. Each performer must select a different path and if in the case where two performers wish to select the same path, a settlement must be m ade to accommodate everyone as best as possible.

Each performer interprets the forms and textures along their selected path as the basis for free improvisation. Consider assigning your own timbre, duration, articulation, pitch, melodic or harmonic structure, etc. to the forms and textures. The only given assignment to these forms and textures is volume: dense = loud; sparse = quiet; white = silence. Since each of the five paths are different lengths, consider assigning tempo to the length of your chosen path: 1) straight line = slowest to 5) labyrinthine line = fastest. Also consider the following pitch ranges: 1) straight line = lowest range to 5) labyrinthine line = highest range.

The duration of the piece is five minutes. Each path has been marked 1–5 providing a visual guide for following the time (one notch for each minute). Since the destination point for all paths is black and ends abruptly with a white border, all performers should p lay as loud and frenzied as possible during this time and stop abruptly together on cue. During this last burst, change the manner in which you use your instrument and make sounds completely different from what you played before. The red outline along your path will indicate when to begin this activity.

True Rosaschi: piano
Geoff Dyer: saxophone
Jen Baker: trombone
Carolyn Tyler: cello
David Rosenfeld: violin
Brian Schorn

Brian Schorn Bio
Brian Schorn is an interdisciplinary artist. He received an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College where he studied with Pauline Oliveros, Fred Frith, Alvin Curran, Maggie Payne and Chris Brown. In addition, he has MFA degrees in graphic design, photography and creative writing. Schorn's music has been performed in France, Austria, The Netherlands, New York and elsewhere throughout the United States. He has performed with composers and artists such as Cecil Taylor, Maryanne Amacher, Steina Vasulka and Ke n Butler. Schorn's music appears on the compilation CDs Open Source/Open Ear and The Last Signal. His 60 second composition, Under a Submersive Sun, toured the Midwest with the 60x60 Project in 2006. In 2007, he was an artist-in-residence at I-Park Artist's Enclave where he composed and performed a new work using field recordings and shamanic ceremony. In 2008, his first internet release of electronic, text-sound compositions were made available at In 2009, Schorn's graphic scores and creative writing will be published in Notations21: An Anthology of Innovative Notation.


810. Stefano Scippa & Dicofone - Shipcofone - 8:38 (320 kbps)

Stefano Scippa ( soprano sax / laptop )

DICOFONE ( tenor sax / bass clarinet / laptop )

Recorded live at the premiere multimedia show THE SOUND OF THE UNIVERSE COMING THROUGH MY WINDOW, Academy of Fine Arts - Bologna 2004 November 13th

811. Sculpture - Life Among the Mechanoids - 8:14 (320 kbps)
(United Kingdom)

Sculpture is a collaboration between Dan Hayhurst (audio devices) and Reuben Sutherland (visual devices).

In this piece, Life Among the Mechanoids, Mr Sutherland’s input is projected entirely across the astral plane .We therefore request listeners utilise Mr Hayhurst’s composition as an instrument by means of which they may psychically obtain the correct frequency for reception.

This music is realised using several tape recorders, a sampler, a computerised sequencer, a spring reverb, a compressor, a digital delay line, and other gadgets.

Somewhere between these two statements lies the crux of the matter.

– Audio and video recordings, future performances, booking info.

812. Normaldis - Friendship - 6:21 (320 kbps)

Composer: Matias Mar/ arrangements of Sebastian Rehbein of "Normaldis"

Matias Mar, drums, piano, guitar, electronic edition
Sebastian Rehbein, piano, electronic edition
Carlos Barros, Sound engineer, electronic edition

total time: 77:47

cover front CD8
cover back CD8
disk label image CD8 CD8

901. Dave Phillips - A Drink On Spike Jones - 2:00 (320 kbps)

1986 - 1988: founding member of Fear of God, hardcore-thrash/grindcore-quartett; a few releases, concerts & short tours. 1987 - now: solo-works as dave phillips (dp); humanimalism, voice, body, bruitism, musique concrète, field recordings; a bunch of releases & constantly touring. 1991 - now: member of Schimpfluch-Gruppe, a collective of bruitists & performers dealing with psychophysical tests, trainings & hearings, at the core consisting of Rudolf (Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock), Marc Zeier (G*Park), Joke Lanz (Sudden Infant) & dp; bunch of releases & appearances. 1994 - 2004: various trips to Asia for field recordings, especially of insects. 2000 - ?: founding member of OHNE, with Tom Smith (To Live & Shave in L.A.), Daniel Löwenbrück (Tochnit Aleph label, Raionbashi) & Reto Mäder (rm74), a big & a small tour, a few releases. 2004 - now: 'dead peni' one-man-doom/metal/sludge-project, few releases. various collaborations (Randy H.Y. Yau, G*Park, Phroq, John Wiese, Eric Boros, Genetic Transmissions etc.). since 1987: live performances and tours (solo & with various projects) in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Republic of Belarus, Romania, Greece, Canada, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand.


902. Joan Silver Pin - Tango Argentino - 2:57 (320 kbps)

Alexander Senko (Russian Federation) - prepared double bass, electric piano, guitar, sound design.
Paul Andreev (UK) - trumpet, percussion
arranged and mixed by Alexander Senko

Branched out in 2004 from the Moscow Acoustic Architecture Studio, JOAN SILVER PIN (aka J.S.P.) naturally summed up the results of long-time collaboration between the Russia most prominent electronic, jazz and rock artists.
The interactions between very diverse musicians lead to the creation of so-called genreless music. The ideas come mostly from literature, paintings, movies, etc, and gradually take melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, and timbre shapes without any dominance of genre, style or concept over emotional perceptions by the artists involved. JSP easily talk in riddles with academic, electro acoustic, jazz, rock, ethnic and pop music. They do not create nothing new, but express the common by uncommon means, avoid iterations and affectations. Something closer to post-modern ideology, but in fact it’s just another occurrence of the mature artistic performance.
Incorporating electronics, traditional instrumentations, esoteric vocalizations as well as atypical arrangement and production techniques, JSP sonic landscapes can earn the praise among a diverse variety of different audiences. The group relies most often on the experimental ambient aesthetic with subtly changes in content and timbre, mixing a warm, clean fusion of deliberate analog synths, gentle guitars, stark trumpet, smart percussive bits, loose and forceful vocal improvisations.


903. Henry Krutzen - Des Voix - Un Relent de Jazz - 4:15 (320 kbps)

by Henry Krutzen
(piano: Jean-Louis Aucremanne)

Henry Krutzen studied percussion, saxophone and harmony in various schools and jazz clinics in Belgium. He also plays harmonica, recorder, piano, keyboards and some ethnic instruments (reita, balafon, ken, shanaï...). He took part of many musical projects: jazz, new wave, heavy metal, experimental, chanson française, world music and progressive Rock.In 2001, he moved to Brazil where he is living now in João Pessoa, at the North-East coast.


904. The Mallets - Caravelle - 2:00 (320 kbps)

No genre no style
every genre every style


905. Giustino Di Gregorio - I Residenti - 1:49 (320 kbps)

Workman on an actual "assembly line", Giustino Di Gregorio has always been interested in the idea of deconstruction-reconstruction-(s)composition. During his childhood his grandfather Gabriele Olivieri, a carpenter, taught him the creative manipulation of wood. Later on he applied these theories to the field of 8mm cinematography and, as result, improved his sensibility towards "decomposition". The approach in his present musical experiments, initiated by the enormous possibilities of modern technology, beget in him a frantic and voracious need to throw everything together ("saccheggio sonoro a 360°") without discriminating any musical sources, but with a particular interest to '50s/'60s blues and jazz. Giustino has developed a very original style in which plagiarism and schizophrenia chase one another generating an undeniable sonic-alchemic balance.

Vera e propria mente-campiona-menti

Contact :

906. Marc Sarrazy - Song for an Alter Ego - 8:24 (320 kbps)

Original composition by Marc Sarrazy released on the CD "Intranquillite", Linoleum productions 2008,
remixed by Laurent Rochelle with special guests

Piano: Marc Sarrazy
Kaplas: Laurent Rochelle
Vocals: Alima Hamel
Strings: David Thompson
Remixed by Laurent Rochelle


907. Claudio Nunez - Cata & Agu - 7:42 (320 kbps)

Composed by Claudio Nunez
From the album "paseando por lomas"
musica ano(na)dada 2004

(big image)

Claudio Nunez: acoustic & electric guitars, fretless bass
Catalina Nunez (3 years old) : voice
Agustin Nunez (7 years old) : voice & percussion

Recorded in 2004 in Buenos Aires

Claudio Nuñez was born in Buenos Aires in 1959. He studied classical guitar during the 70's, composition with Hilda Dianda and obtain a choral conductor degree in 1980. Lived in USA between 1981 and 2004.
Has 7 cd:
"algunas revelaciones sobre el tango chino",
"la zappatilla de zappa"
"el zen del tango - el tango del zen",
"paseando por lomas",
"solos en la madrugada"
"freejazz on monday" y "freejazz on sunday".

Has participated in several projects in Los Anegeles (Dannie Cove Big Band, Storacci Sextet, Carlos Miralles group, Bhrama Nada and the Nuñez/Tomlinson/Weiss trio), and in New York (Nuñez-Bagnato duet, the Charlie Martins quartet and several versions of the Claudio Nunez trío, quartet or quintet with people like Sam Hendrix, John Riley, Larry Granadier, Matt Wilson, Charles Gayle, William Parker, George Fernandez, etc, covering the space modern jazz to free jazz and avant-garde classical to indian classical music and new tango


908. Joe Frawley - Mistress of Ceremonies - 4:07 (320 kbps)
(United States)

Artists Statement:
"I am a pianist/composer/sound collage artist whose work falls between the cracks of several different genres, though I manage to find an audience with the "dark-ambient" and "experimental" crowds. My approach is to combine original piano music with found-sound samples, which I process electronically to simulate subconcious states. I'm particularly interested in the effects of recontextualized speech samples and how they interact with each other to create new meanings. I also try to exploit the musical qualities of speech and aim to put the spoken voice on equal footing with musical (and other) sounds. The resulting work invariably suggests a narrative, though I try not to impose a particular story upon the the listener, preferring instead the individual and subjective interpretations of imaginative minds. "Mistress of Ceremonies" is an excerpt from an upcoming audio release- my fifth collection of pieces- entitled "Ritual Research", scheduled for early 2009."

Joe Frawley (

909. Alissid Jazz - Autumnish - 9:25 (320 kbps)

Интуитивная импровизация – это магия, чувственный диалог между музыкантами и слушателем. Это музыка, которая, будучи сыгранной однажды, никогда не повторится. Для творчества Alissid Jazz вообще характерна яркая образность, изобразительность музыкальных тем и зарисовок. Спонтанные эмоциональные импровизации во время концертов, появление самых неожиданных людей и инструментов на выступлениях Alissid Jazz – нормальное явление, как для кого-то – играть заученные произведения. Концерты интуитивной импровизации Alissid Jazz и тувинского шамана Николая Ооржака (горловое пение) вылились в отдельный проект и альбом «Oorjazz!», который раскупается через Интернет во всех странах.
Пьеса Autimnish – «осенне» - это импровизация, рожденная на студийной репетиции и записанная в режиме реального времени.

Intuitive improvisation is magic that braces musicians altogether with the audience. This type of music, once played, can be never repeated. Alissid Jazz is a band that has been known for the bright imaginary of their compositions and themes. Spontaneous, emotional improvisations, various musicians with all sorts of unexpectedly exotic musical instruments at the performances of Alissid Jazz is a usual thing, just like it’s usual for someone to play only what’s learned by heart. The joint performances of Alissid Jazz and the famous Tuvan shaman Nikolay Oorjak (throat singing) grew into a self consistent project and a CD album “Oorjazz!” that is being sold through the Internet all over the world.
“Autumnish” is a live studio realtime-recorded improvisation.


910. TRANKO - Flying Cat & Sitar - 8:30 (320 kbps)

Raga+Electronica Jam

anko (vo,g)
yoshino (sitar)
yamanaka (bass)
mitunaga (dr)


911. VIYA - Hirsiz - 3:18 (320 kbps)

Violin: Zeynep Turkmen
Bass & Vocals: Baris Demirel
Drums: Argen Turco
Guitars: Ozgur Cakir

(big image)

VİYA formed in july 2008. Their name means body surfing in Blacksea. Still playing and still alive... they just believe the clever dreams.


912. Steve Lyman Group - Barbes - 3:06 (320 kbps)
(United States)

It was recorded live at Barbes Brooklyn on 08/16/08

The band:
Masahiro Yamamoto (Alto Sax)
Nir Felder (Guitar)
Chris Tordini (Bass)
Myself (Drums)

Masahiro Yamamoto:
Brilliant jazz alto saxophonist from Kobe Japan. Attended New School University, NYC. Leads his own projects, and busy freelance player in NY Interprets all forms of improvisation to the highest degree.

Nir Felder:
A leading voice in Guitar today! Attended Berklee Collge of Music, Boston. Currently mainly playing jazz and contemporary improvised music. Maintains a busy schedule in NY. Recently played the Village Vanguard with Greg Osby.

Chris Tordini:
One of the great double-bass players. Chris Tordini. Attended the New School University in NY, and presently hasn't stopped working! Their isn't a venue or genre that Chris hasn't been a part of and he is a giant to his peers in NY. One of the greatest jazz bassists I've had the privelege to play alongside.

Steve Lyman:
"One of the great young drummers in the world today" - Jazz drum legend - Billy Hart Steve attended the New School University in NY, and has since recorded with George Colligan, Junior Mance, and toured and recorded with upcoming vocal giant, Jose James. Steve is busy both as a leader playing a residency at Smalls Jazz Club (NYC) and as a sideman, playing venues in NY,and elsewhere in the continental United States.

913. Foolk - Fiona - 2:26 (320 kbps)
(Slovak Republic)

Foolk's music is colourful trip to the world of samples, funny breaks, turntablism and well-known motives in unknown contexts. Creative sampling with endless limits from the old-time jazz records to street rush or else the smell of industrial cities environment's sound made into music beyond recognition. Abstract hip hop beats, jazz or intelligent dance music in one dadaistic package. Master of sampling with specific sound, that is impossible to delimitate in genres.
Foolk was formed in 2004 as Dusan Vanco's one-man alter ego. One year later, Something like Jazz EP released on German Node records started his solo career. Later he regularly performs in Radio_FM and Slovak television, festivals such as Wilsonic, Pohoda, Nu Jazz Dayz, Spring Festival Graz or lot of Clubs. In 2008 is his first LP Red Pills for Daddy out on prestigious label Deadred Records.

Contact: (label Deadred Records, Slovak Republic)

914. Gilad Atzmon - Futoristico - 6:03 (320 kbps)
(United Kingdom)

Gilad Atzmon : sax, clarinet & electronics
Asaf Sirkis: dr Frank Harrison: piano, fender & elec'
Yaron Stavi: elec' bass & dbl. bass

Gilad Atzmon was born in Israel in 1963 and had his musical training at the Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem (Composition and Jazz) A multi-instrumentalist he plays Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxes, Clarinet, Sol, Zurna and Flutes.

Until 1994 he was a producer-arranger for various Israeli Dance & Rock Projects, performing in Europe and the USA playing ethnic Jewish soul music. Highly involved in the Israeli musical scene he recorded for 'Ofra Haza' , Yeuda Poliker and many others. He also toured with Memphis Slim and supporting many international jazz names such as Jack De Johnette, Michel Petrucciani, Richie Byrach and many others.
Coming to the UK in 1994, Atzmon recovered an interest in playing the music of the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe that had been in the back of his mind for years. He founded the Orient House Ensemble in London and started re-defining his own roots in the light of political reality. Since then the Orient House Ensemble has toured all over the world.The Orient House Ensemble includes Asaf Sirkis on Drums, Yaron Stavi on Bass and Frank Harrison on keys.
Also a prolific writer, Atzmon's essays are widely published his novel 'Guide to the perplexed' and 'My One And Only Love' have been translated into 24 languages all together.
Over the years Gilad Atzmon's music has moved more and more towards a cultural hybrid. As a bandleader and reed player he has been amazing his listeners with his powerful personal style that combines great bebop artistry and Middle-Eastern roots in a sophisticated, sometimes ironical manner. Influenced by Coltranes powerful approach on the sax, Gilad's live performances are simply breathtaking and overwhelming.
As a member of the Blockheads, Gilad has also recorded and performed with such as Ian Dury, Robbie Williams, Sinead O'Connor and Paul McCartney. Gilad has also recorded with Robert Wyatt, the Waters Boys and many others.
In 2007 Gilad extended his role as a Producer, working with outstanding singer-songwriter Sarah Gillespie to produce her debut album due to be released in September 2008. Further projects are planned for 2008


915. _ - Clinical Jazz - 3:14 (320 kbps)

About _ :
1. I can't play musical instruments.
2. I'm a student studying Japanese contemporary literature.
3. So I don't know a theory of the music at all.
4. I don't have most of the machine for recording.
5. I hardly know English.
6. All my music is certain plagiarism.
7. Thank you.

total time: 69:21

cover front CD9
cover back CD9
disk label image CD9 CD9
total time (9CD): 635:33