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An independent netlabel providing eclectic and illogical music free to download.
The Wire 

Free Jazz That Is Free, All 635 Minutes Of It. ...But definitely not jazz for clinics. Courtesy of Clinical Archives.  
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Netlabel Clinical Archives has made the complete set of nine virtual disks with new improv alternative - everything, behind an exception unless academic chance music... ...also, it is not forgotten by charts underground of the last century, this are quite recognized offline artists.
 Newsweek Russia

Clinical Archives netlabel are incredibly busy. They specialize in, as they write on their pages, abstract, avant-garde, alternative... ...other forms ... and they are said to extend this definition music. Lovers of others, has extended music download, it's legal, free and exclusive albums... 
 HIS Voice
Our mini-program wishes to draw attention of CD-gourmets to netlabel Clinical Archives.. 
 Radio Culture 91.6 FM Moscow (CD-Gourmet with Dmitry Ukhov)  

Moscow's Clinical Archives is one of the most consistently mind-bending labels I know of... 
 by Jason Sigal (FMA)  

Clinical Archives grows, becoming a stronghold, start and promo for many musicians, and the label name - original "quality symbol" for multitude of listeners...  

Clinical Archives one of the most successful experimental netlabels...  
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...somewhere in 2008, Clinical Archives blew up into one of the major netlabels... ...the music and the artists that Clinical Archives releases are usually quite good. You will always find something to like in their catalog. Guaranteed.  
 Disruptive Platypus

Clinical Archives remains among the highest points of the netlabels world. Both the number of releases produced so far is the quality level of proposals and the dizzying number of downloads it receives each new release...
Rimini In This

...the prestigious Clinical Archives netlabel, an outfit that distributes music for its artists through digital audio formats over the Internet.

...the (highly suggested) Clinical Archives label
WWOZ 90.7 FM (New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Station)

There is one label that I know of called Clinical Archives . ALL of their artists’ music is for free. You can download any album including ALL artwork, direct from their site. The artists make their money other ways by diversifying, including playing live. Maybe there’s a lesson here?
Music By Day

"10 Excellent Independent Labels" 
"Clinical Archives is a netlabel that showcases “eclectic and illogical music.”  They take pride in finding styles that are unusual.  For example, this is the only label that I’ve seen “dark disco” listed as a style.  But, I am always impressed with the releases on this label.  Take the Perry Ferya Band for example, their release Mantra is in the running for one of my top releases of 2014."
(The CerebralRift)

Clinical Archives - This insanely prolific net label specializes in experimental music. Quickly becoming the premier place for new sounds. 
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