ca520 - Simone Schirru / Federico Eterno - Around three minutes long short-movie songs

Artist: Simone Schirru / Federico Eterno
Title: Around three minutes long short-movie songs
Date: 2013-09-03
Keywords: free improv; free jazz
(320 kbps)
01 - Through a Floating City - 3:21
02 - U-Boot - 3:04
03 - Videomenata#1 - 0:58
04 - Multivac - 2:51
05 - Exquisite Drowning - 2:59
06 - Dialog Zwischen Zwei Schwätzern - 3:21
07 - Videomenata#3 - 1:05
08 - Le Fildeferiste - 3:07
09 - Come un Musicista di Jazz fa il Cambio dell'Olio - 2:39
10 - Promenade Sous les Bombes - 3:08
11 - Videomenata#2 - 1:05
12 - Don't Call Me That Way - 3:03

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The Album as the title says was born from the necessity to create a soundtrack that formed the context, the inspirational atmosphere, for the elaboration of an animated short movie that would stray outside the traditional boundaries of narrative. It was too stimulating an enterprise to pull off with any standard rendering of a written composition. This is why we chose to build the work using alternative compositional techniques tied to the extemporaneous creation of forms and elements – a method hewing more closely to contemporary styles of composition. We needed music that wouldn't just stay in the background. It needed to be rich in stimuli and in some way figurative. Sticking to the three-minute time limit for each recording was crucial. This allowed us to create a series of chronometric tracks that used varying techniques: parametric graphs to coordinate dynamics, materials and mood changes. We worked on creating contrast and on imitations of the different timbres among our instruments. We imagined dialogues and slowly passing landscapes, and we researched alternate manners of rhythm in an attempt to achieve a free improvisation unchained by rules. This album is an outtake of the most significant tracks to come out of our recording session: "Around 3 minutes long short movie songs”.

Mixed and recorded by Manolo Cabras
Artwork by Lucas Wild


Exquisite Drowning from Giulia Landi on Vimeo.

Collective and short movie: