ca522 - Knyaz Mishkin, Yury Yaremchuk - Krach-Dach

Artist: Knyaz Mishkin, Yury Yaremchuk
Title: Krach-Dach
Date: 2013-11-19
Keywords: intuitive improvisation; free improvisation; jazz
(320 kbps)
01 - Part I - 15:53
02 - Part II - 13:21

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Yaremtchuk Yuri Grigorevich was born in 1951 in Novokuznetsk (Russia). Today he resides in Lviv, Ukraine.
Yaremtchuk is both a composer and an instrumentalist; he plays tenor-sax, soprano-sax, clarinet, percussion, piano; he is a master of voice performance as well. He is working in different genres (free jazz, contemporary music, improvised music), contemporary technique of sax play (multiphone, slap, double staccato). He can be recognized by his bright sound and brisk technique; in his solo concerts he prefers free improvisation with the use of contemporary playing technique.
His music has sufficient rhythm and melody; it is full of humor and philosophy. Yuri Yaremtchuk wrote music for theater, participated in numerous avant-garde performances with artists, actors and modern dancers.

Belarusian band of intuitive improvization Knyaz Mishkin exists for more than 18 years. Its founder and leader is a guitarist Leanid Narushevich. The accompanying musicians are constantly changing.
The band has recorded 15 albums (most of them were tape-recorded) and has been playing at a diverse variety of festivals, including Syrok-5 in Moscow, Skif-5 in St. Petersburg, Alternativa in Prague, festival «World as mystery» Moscow, Grifomania 2, 4 (Minsk), NO CULTURE WITHOUT SUBCULTURE-Minsk 2004, Spotkania Gospel & Jazz Suwalki Poland 2004, Alternativa 19 Moscow 2005, EEMC Music Fest (St.Petersburg) 2005, HAZE fest 2007 Minsk, UNSOUND FESTIVAL 2007, 2008 Minsk, baltic prog fest 08, unsound-4 2008, mamont-2008, in touch 09, art pole 2013 ua, aga 2013 i tk . The CDs of the band were recorded by US label Wood Records, independant netlabel Digitalbiotope, HAZE, Clinical Archives, suRRism-Phonoethics as well as Russian labels Geometria and AKATZIA.

L. Narushevich - guitar
Yu. Yaremchuk (2) - saxophone
A. Denisov - didgeridoo
V. Kravchenko - percussion
A. Delianko - percussion and tibetan bowls
E. Shimkus - contrabass

live fest dakh-krakh
museum sii
(1) knyaz mishkin - dakh
(2) km & y yaremchuk - krakh

Knyaz Mishkin
Yury Yaremchuk